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It has been a while since all consoles were bundled with the same game, but Nintendo have restarted this trend with the Nintendo Wii. When the Wii is launched later this year every console will come with a copy of Wii Sports whether you want it or not. This at least means that once you get bored of Zelda and Red Steel you’ll have something else to play, before going out and buying Super Monkey Ball. Unfortunately for those that aren’t interested at all in sports games you won’t be able to sell this for much at all as everyone with a Wii will get a copy. At the minute it is still unclear what exactly is going to be included in Wii Sports, so far Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Boxing and Bowling are all certainly in the game but there could be more added to it before launch or others that have yet to be announced. One game that is possibly in the game is Wii Airplane, which has been confirmed or denied to be in this bundle yet.

Wii Sports

The game is not going to be the strongest game out of all the launch titles visually, but then again since when did Nintendo place emphasis on graphics over gameplay? The games do look nice, but they aren’t much better than some GameCube titles, which as we’ve seen is a lot less than what the Wii is capable of. The three seperate games all have the same graphical style. The graphics do have a cute child like simplicity to them that many will find quite appealing despite what they lack in terms of the ability to amaze people.

Since it is packaged with the Wii it is obviously going to fully utilise the Wii’s functionality, with all the games being controlled by the WiiMote. Not only that but you can use the avatar system on the console to make a rendition of your face appear in the game. This is perfect becuase it is a great way of introducing people into the most revolutionary of all the three next-generation consoles. The five seperate sports all are different, even though three of them involve hitting a ball whether that be a golf ball, a baseball or even a tennis ball, while bowling just has the ball and boxing just has the hitting.

Wii Tennis is the game that out of all has seen the most press about it with Miyamoto even playing it himself at various game expos. The game is quite simple, all you need to do is swing the WiiMote to hit the tennis ball returning it to the other side. The game isn’t limited in that you can perform a variety of different shots, like lob shots, volleys, smashes, drop shots, anything you want really. This isn’t the only thing that should keep fans of tennis happy, you are also able to put spin on the ball by hitting it different angles so it either has top, bottom or side spin put onto the ball. This means that it will be very close to the real game of tennis, but without the need to run around constantly.

Wii Baseball is also quite similar in that it too involved swinging the WiiMote to hit a ball. In this game there is slightly less precision than Wii Tennis, as all you really need to do is swing the WiiMote as fast as possible at the right time to hit the ball as far as possible and get a home run. Although you do need to be careful with the direction as if it ends up hitting the bottom of the bat it will just go straight down into the ground, and if you hit the top of the bat it will go straight up into the air. But the timing of the swing is quite easy. Wii Golf looks as though it will be cut down version of Super Swing Pangya Golf which is also due to be released around the time of the Wii launch. It is harder than the previous two as you need to hit the ball with just enough force to carry it onto the green, but not too much so that it doesn’t go flying way off into the rough. Although some may find the slower pace of this game quite dull, it is a lot harder to master than the other games. This means that it is very rewarding when you get every shot perfect.

Wii Boxing combines the use of the WiiMote and the nunchuck attachment making it a lot harder to get used to at first but you will soon ge the hang of it. Using the two parts to the controller to block, punch and move is a perfect example of how the WiiMote and nunchuck attachment should be utilised in further games. Wii Bowling is the second of the two new games to be added into the game and it does look very interesting. You will use the WiiMote to try and knock down as many of the ten pins as possible as you would in real bowling. It seems quite simple and a lot slower than all the other games, but it will be brilliant for younger players as it takes a lot less skill than the other games to play, but it can be quite difficult to master.

Even if Wii Sports didn’t come with the Wii, it would still be a great game to buy. It is a clever move by Nintendo to include a game that utilises the WiiMote so well woth the console, as it is bound to wet the appetite of many a gamer to go out and buy games that use the WiiMote in this way.

Anticipation Rating: ★★★★☆