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Trauma Center was a definite success on the DS, and although from first glances at the name of this game alone it looks like there is going to be a sequel for the Nintendo Wii, but instead what we get is a remake of the DS version with a few extras added in, in an attempt to warrant a repurchase of this game for another console. But for those that didn’t play the DS version of the game this looks like it could be very interesting. The stylus is going to be replaced by the motion controller WiiMote, to cut, inject and resuscitate patients in a variety of different operations.

The aim behind the game is rather simple, especially for doctors, all you need to do is keep your patients alive and prevent them from dieing. You will do this through a series of different operations in which you will use the WiiMote as whatever surgical tool you need at the time. However as most people wouldn’t find the idea of following surgical procedures a great deal of fun Atlus have made the game almost a combination of an action game and a puzzle game, because the gameplay can get very frantic and fast at times and for some operations you may need to repeat it a lot just to try and find out what minute mistake you are making. You will be given instructions from the nurses in the game, that probably will become very annoying on your fourth or fifth attempt at an operation.

One thing that many people commented on about the DS version was that it is an incredibly hard game at times, so Atlus this time have added a difficulty setting in the game, so that even the most inexperienced of gamers will be able to complete this game. This isn’t the only addition to the game, there are also going to be new operations for you to complete. The characters in the game will also be updated and now you will be actually able to hear what they are saying, as voice acting has been added to the game. This could turn out good or bad, as voice acting isn’t always great in video games, like the early Resident Evils for example. As well as these other additions new characters have been promised, as well as a very promising new scenario that has been added to the end of the game.

All the characters are designed an anime style, similar to games like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The graphics of the actual surgical operations and so on look quite good, but they don’t look a great deal better than some GameCube games at present. Hopefully before the game is actually launched, which it is expected to do at the launch of the Wii, the graphics will be enhanced and there will be a noticeable improvement. The blood has been toned down in the game so don’t expect squirting arteries to be firing blood out at you, as the game is going to have more of a family appeal.

Despite being the first remake, or as they have been dubbed WiiMake, for Nintendo’s newest console it does look like Trauma Center: Second Opinion will be a nice addition to the already large list of games available at launch, even though more than likely it will be overshadowed by the bigger launch titles, like Zelda or Red Steel. The new additions to the game may not be enough to lure those that have it for the DS into buying it again, but for those that don’t it is shaping up to be a promising game.

Anticipation Rating: ★★★★☆