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SadnessSadness is a Wii exclusive title that is being developed by the Polish developers Nibris. It seems to be a very mysterious and innovative game. So far the exact details of the game have been kept quite, but what we do know is that this game is very intriguing.

What is most attracting about Sadness is the unusual atmosphere that there will be in the game. The graphics will be completely in black and white, similar in ways to Sin City but Nibris have said that they won’t be following the template of the films graphics exactly. The graphics are done in this way as a homage to the pre World War cinema, which is also the era in which it is set. The developers are going to try and make the game more intense and scary through the use of atmosphere rather than just blood, gore and monsters.

The main point of the game will be trying to survive and fighting off insanity. The game will feature human mental conditions such as narcolepsy and paranoid schizophrenia, so it looks set to concentrate on psychological horror and Nibris themselves had said that it should only be played by adults with strong nerves.

Unlike Resident Evil and other horror games you aren’t given a gun to fight off your enemies, but instead you need to rely on the items lying around in your surrounding area to defeat your opponents. You can use broken glass to slit the throat of you attacker or even smash their head in with a rock. Hopefully this approach will make the game scarier as you can’t shoot down your enemies from a distance away instead you’ll be forced into hand to hand fighting within an arms reach of your attacker.

Even though relatively little is known about Sadness so far it is enough to make it a very interesting title for the Wii. Once more information is released about the game including how the gameplay is set to work, we will be able to see how this game is going to work out.

Anticipation [rating:4]