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It does seem as though the Nintendo Wii will attract a lot of unusual games, mainly due to the low cost of developing games for the Wii and the innovative control method, that is bound to capture the imaginations of the developers working on the Wii. In fact two of the launch titles for the Wii look as though they are going to break free from the gaming norm, these games are Sadness and Elebits. The latter of the two is being released by Konami, who are also responsible for the legendary Metal Gear Solid series. The game looks unlike anything released before, although some have been quick to compare it to Pikmin it looks as though it will end up being completely different from Nintendo’s cutesy real-time strategy game.

Elebits energy back into the world around you. You will find these Elebits in the game by moving different objects using the WiiMote. The game will work excellently with the WiiMote, small unusual creatures not unlike Pikmin, are the energy source of the world. You are required to search everywhere possible to try and find as many of these Elebits as possible. Each Elebit has their own unique ability that will help you find other Elebits and progress further into the game. You can also progress just by capturing them and feeding some of their offering full interactivity with the surrounding environment. You can use the controller in a way similar to that of a light gun to shoot at and capture Elebits. In capturing the Elebits the whole world will evolve due to the increase in energy in the world, as there are no other power sources like coal or oil, or even nuclear fuel. If you are wondering why you actually need to capture these miniature creatures in the first place it is because they used to live in harmony with the people of earth but now they have decided to be annoying and stop generating energy, run off and hide. This means that you will need to go off, hunt them down and them capture them.

It seems that in the game there are going to be different environments that you will need to find Elebits in. One environment or level that has already been shown at E3 and Lizpeig is a kitchen. You’ll find Elebits here by looking in cupboards or by lifting pots and pans to see whats underneath or within them. As you get more and more of these Elebits some of their energy will be fed back into the environment and the lights will come on so you can find more Elebits or you’ll be able to move bigger objects like refrigerators. So by collecting more and more Elebits you will open up the world more giving you the opportunity to capture more Elebits and thus open up the world even more.

From the screenshots of Elebits that have been released so far it doesn’t look as though it is going to be one of the nest looking games for the Wii, in fact it isn’t a great deal better than most current GameCube games. But this doesn’t mean that the graphics are poor. The visual aspect of the game has it’s own unique style, as well as the original gameplay, the graphics aren’t realistic but more childish than expected. Konami have decided to use a lot of bright colours in the environment making it a very colourful and bright game to play. The whole game has a very cute feel to it similar to the aforementioned Pikmin, and the Elebits themselves should remind you of Nintendo’s smallest stars.

While the gameplay in the game does look as though it could become very addictive, especially for younger players, there doesn’t seem to be much variation in the game. All you will be doing, it appears is moving around objects to find and capture small creatures. While this may be fun at first I find it hard to see how a full game could be built out of this simplistic gameplay. Konami have said that there will be a four player mode in the completed game but in the demos at Lizpeig and E3 this mode was not yet playable. Nothing much is actually known about this mode as of yet, but it is likely that the gameplay will be much the same as in the main mode of play.

It seems that Konami have set the bar for Wii games as far as unusuality goes. Although the gameplay may seem slightly repetitive it will be a great game for the younger generations, and one of the few in amongst titles like Red Steel and Zelda, and it should keep them entertained for quite some time, with Konami estimating the length of the game to be between twenty and thirty hours from start to finish. And with the possibility of using WiiConnect24 to get new content for the game, making it even longer, it looks as though it is going to be good value for money as well. It should be very exciting by keeping players constantly on the edge by having to try and look out for Elebits all the time. Like many other games in the launch line up for the Wii it is likely that it will not receive the attention that it deserves because of all the AAA titles that will be available from day one.

Anticipation Rating: ★★★½☆