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Battalion Wars 2, or BWii as it has been affectionately been dubbed, is the sequel to the GameCube version of the very popular Advance Wars series. Although the portable installments have proved to be excellent games, many gamers and critics didn’t think quite as wmuch of it when the game was finally adapted for the three dimensions. But Nintendo are going to try and do better than the original on their latest console, the Nintendo Wii.

The premise behind the game is similar to that of the Advance Wars games, essentially an evil army, in this case the Solar Empire, is building a powerful weapon that is capable of destroying the world and all of its inhabitants. You need to stop them, and you will do this through a variety of different missions on all fronts, land, air and sea. It isn’t the best story for a game ever, but no doubt the engaging gameplay will keep you coming back for more. The already large range of units at your disposal is to be further increased for Battalion Wars 2, with five news naval units, new ground units, as well as six new races all to dominate the world with. One very useful feature from Advance Wars is due to make an appearance in Battalion Wars also, after being excluded from the original. You’ll now be able to capture buildings using your infantry to help un your attempts to annihilate your opposition.

Visually the game hasn’t made significant leaps forward, but then again not much is to be expected from games for a console that, graphically, has been likened to a GameCube 1.5. This isn’t saying that the game looks bad, just that it isn’t anything stunning, the textures are low resolution, the characters and environments aren’t particularly detailed, and the effects look quite flat. Despite all these negatives they’ve all been updated since Battalion Wars.

The control scheme for Battalion Wars 2 appears as though it could be quite problamatic at first. The game will fully utilise the WiiMote. You will move around with the nunchuk attachments, to move the crosshair on screen you just move the WiiMote, the crosshair will change colour to help you identify your targets, blue for allies and red for enemies. Flicking the WiiMote to one side will make your soldier jump and flicking it to the other side will allow you to perform a combat roll. But timing these two moves perfectly could be very awkward at times and prove to be a real difficulty in the game.

The multiplayer mode of the game holds more promise than the main mode. Although not much has been siad about what gamers can expect from multiplayer, it has been revealed that you will be able to drive a tank with the nunchuk and, control the turret with the WiiMote. It is also very likely that this could be the first game in the Advance Wars series to be playable online, as the DS release came too early for it to be included as part of the Wi-Fi Connection.

For those that have always thought that Advance Wars looks like a great game but at the same time have been turned off by the, at times, overly strategic gameplay this could well be the game for you. But at the same time unless Nintendo finds a way around some of the control issues Battalion Wars 2 looks as though it may end up being as mediocre as the original GameCube game.

Anticipation Rating: ★★★☆☆