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Manhunt 2 PreviewManhunt 2
The sequel to the 2003 original (and one of my favorite games)… but, I’m not so sure if the sequel can live up to the original. I guess only time will tell.

Battalion Wars 2 PreviewBattalion Wars 2
A sequel to the mediocre GameCube installment of the increasingly popular Advance Wars series. But it seems that the game is due to have a lot of control issues.

Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam PreviewTony Hawk’s Downhill Jam
The Tony Hawk’s series has been completely renovated for the Wii and DS but has it been a smart move creating a cross between Tony Hawk’s and SSX?

Sonic and the Secret Rings PreviewSonic and the Secret Rings
The name may not be as good as it once was, but is the game the same? Read this preview and find out if Sega’s latest game is worth it.

Elebits PreviewElebits
Read the preview for Konami’s weird and wonderful new game for the Wii that sees you in search of small creatures in a huge environment.

Trauma Center PreviewTrauma Center: Second Opinion
The first Wii-Make comes to the Wii, its a new version of the DS Trauma Center game that was a big hit last year with gamers, and the best surgery based game ever.

Wii Sports PreviewWii Sports
You’ll get it with your Wii so here is what you can expect from Nintendo’s introduction into their new console the Wii, in five different games, bowling, boxing, tennis, golf and baseball.

Super Mario Galaxy PreviewSuper Mario Galaxy
Nintendo’s oldest hero is making another outing, and this time he isn’t playing soccer, racing about in a kart or fighting with other Nintendo characters, but instead he’s gone into space.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl PreviewSuper Smash Bros. Brawl
The highly anticipated sequel to the best selling GameCube game of all time, with new characters included Solid Snake and a level designed by Hideo Kojima.

Excite Truck PreviewExcite Truck
Nintendo’s exciting new Burnout-style racing franchise will be making its debut on the Wii later this year. Read our opinions on what we’ve seen so far.

Sadness PreviewSadness
The intriguing black and white survival game from Polish developers Nibris, in which you must attempt to fight off insanity and other mental conditions.

Red Steel PreviewRed Steel
Ubisoft’s ambitious action adventure game which sees you using the WiiMote in sword battles and gun fights to retrieve an important katana called Red Steel.