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Here are the latest cheats from WiiSpin in alphabetical order.
New cheats are being added everyday, if you know of any… please let us know.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of RockGuitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Are you ready to rock? Well, with these cheats you’ll be one step closer to becoming an expert on any song they throw at you.

Links Crossbow TrainingLinks Crossbow Training
Being the free game that came with the Wii Zapper, it doesn’t have many levels or stuff you would really need to cheat on… but luckily for you cheat fanatics… it’s got a few.

Mario Party 8Mario Party 8
Party with all of your favorite Super Mario Bros. characters, and use these cheats to unlock some really great characters and items!

NiGHTS: Journey of DreamsNiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
Use these cheats to help gather the sketchbooks and learn how to switch up the music so you can listen to Christmas music… not sure why you would even want to.

The Simpsons GameThe Simpsons Game
Find out how to give yourself unlimited powers, and unlock secret items hidden in the game as you make your way through “familiar” scenarios.

Super Mario GalaxySuper Mario Galaxy
Learn all the tips and tricks how to beat this future Mario classic. Also, Find out how to unlock special characters in the game.

Wii PlayWii Play
Sure, it’s a free game that came with your Wiimote… but it’s still fun. Use these cheats to learn how to get everything possible out of the game.

Wii SportsWii Sports
Cheats ranging from changing bowling ball colors to getting silver boxing gloves. Probably not the most exciting cheats… but they’ll get the job done.