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March 25th is the day that many Japanese Wii fans have circled on their calendars… as this is the day that the WiiWare Channel is unveiled.

Along with the launch date, Nintendo has revealed the initial nine titles that will be available upon the channels release.
According to Wii Fanboy they are as follows…
* Okiraku Ping-Pong Wii [...]

WiiWare Getting Tetris

Recently Hudson has confirmed the initial rumors that Tetris (the classic puzzle game) is coming for WiiWare Channel.
According to CVG…
IGN says the WiiWare version of the puzzle game will include six-player online support, Wii Remote pointer controls and an all-new mode that throws obstacles in the way of players’ blocks.
Tetris is scheduled for a summer [...]

Introducing the WiiSpin Forum

Hello WiiSpinners,
I wanted to invite you to join the New WiiSpin Forum, the newest Nintendo Wii community on the Internet!
The “official launch” is still a few days away… but I wanted to give the faithful readers a chance to join before it’s announced to the masses.
We’ve got on-going discussions about the Latest Wii Games, Cheats, [...]

10 Balance Board Games in Development

Recently Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime told IGN at GDC that…
There are over ten games in development that take advantage of the Balance Board,” he said. “Certainly in terms of ongoing enjoyment, we believe that Wii Fit plus the Balance Board will provide that to the consumer.
It’s not been confirmed if the games will [...]

European VC Getting Commodore 64 Games

Later this year, European Nintendo Wii owners will be able to enjoy the classic games from the Commodore 64. The games will be available in the Wii Shop Channel for 500 Wii Points each.

The C64 was released back in 1982, and was a historic moment for the video games industry. With it’s unparalleled popularity the [...]

WiiWare Channel Launching May 12th

WiiWare, the new downloadable games service for the Wii, will be hitting U.S. consoles on May 12th. It’s been rumored that WiiWare will break away from the Wii Shop Channel… where it currently resides and get it’s own “block” on the consoles Wii Menu.

Wii.Kombo talks about some of the upcoming game titles for the WiiWare [...]

Japanese VC Getting Sega Master System

I first wrote about the possibility of Japanese Wii owners getting 2 more consoles back in December.
Well, according to starting in February Japanese Wii owners will be available to get Sega Master System games via their Virtual Console.

Another cool aspect of the Master System getting added is that you’ll also be able to play [...]

Virtual Console Getting 2 More Consoles?

Nintendo recently updated their Japanese Virtual Console page, in doing so they added two more boxes (where two new consoles would go)… but what does this mean? Sure, the argument could be made that their just wanting the site to balance out - using the ancient technique of “fengshui“. Highly unlikely, but still plausible.

In all [...]

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