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I’m sure most of you guys/gals out there have heard of Penny Arcade… it’s a very funny online comic strip all around interesting site. Awhile back we learned that they were developing an “episodic adventure” game with the Penny Arcade front guys Gabe & Tycho.
On May 21, 2008 the game will be simultaneously launched on [...]

The good folks over at Nintendo Everything recently published a list of the this weeks top VC & WiiWare titles… check them out below…
Virtual Console
1(1) - Super Mario Bros. 3
2(2) - Super Mario Bros.
3(4) - Double Dragon
4(5) - Super Mario World
5(3) - River City Ransom
6(6) - Mario Kart 64
7(8) - The Legend of Zelda
8(7) - [...]

Japanese WiiWare Trailer

So your Wii is glowing blue… must be time for an update.
Wait a second, this isn’t an everyday “run-of-the-mill” update… the Nintendo Channel is ready for download. Oh, and by the way… it’s FREE!
NintendoWiiFanboy has a written a “mini-review” of the channel…
We’re pretty pleased with what the channel has to offer so far. There’s already [...]

I’m not quite sure what to make of this… let me know what you think.

Japanese WiiWare Commercials

Check out the commercials below for the WiiWare Channel launching in Japan on March 25th.

March 25th is the day that many Japanese Wii fans have circled on their calendars… as this is the day that the WiiWare Channel is unveiled.

Along with the launch date, Nintendo has revealed the initial nine titles that will be available upon the channels release.
According to Wii Fanboy they are as follows…
* Okiraku Ping-Pong Wii [...]