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Introducing the WiiSpin Forum

Hello WiiSpinners,
I wanted to invite you to join the New WiiSpin Forum, the newest Nintendo Wii community on the Internet!
The “official launch” is still a few days away… but I wanted to give the faithful readers a chance to join before it’s announced to the masses.
We’ve got on-going discussions about the Latest Wii Games, Cheats, [...]

Intorducing the Nintendo Wii Directory

I’m constantly scouring the Internet for anything having to do with the Nintendo Wii. Sometimes it’s difficult to find specific sites pertaining to the Wii…. this was the motivation for us here at WiiSpin to design/develop the Nintendo Wii Directory.

All listings are human edited and approved by the WiiSpin team. If you have a site [...]

Free Wii?

Is there a such thing as a free wii? We shall find out soon. Stay tuned….

Site Back Up

Sorry about the site going down for the past couple of days.

Happy Christmas


Forums Open

The new forums for Wii Spin are now officially open.

Wii Spin Store Now Open

Wii Spin is very pleased to announce the opening of it’s own Wii related online store. You can visit it here, if you buy your Wii games and console from there it will help the site a lot and it is a great way for you to support the site easily.

Visit the Forums

Wii Spin recently launched its forums for visitors to discuss the Nintendo Wii as much as you want. You can find a link to the forums in the top bar, but if you’re too lazy just click here. There will be competitions held in the future on the forum the win a variety of Wii [...]