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I’m not quite sure what to make of this… let me know what you think.

Subspace Emissary Spin Off?

Is it just me, or would the “Subspace Emissary” make a great spin off game from SSBB?
I really like the “nostalgic” feel of the side scrolling gameplay… feels like a “classic” platform game.
Let me know what you think about the Subspace Emissary over in the WiiSpin Forum.

Recently Geoff Keighley talked to Reggie Fils-Aime, on the latest GameTrailers TV, about what’s in store for Nintendo in the upcoming months… especially after E3 2008.
Below are a few of the better quotes from the video…
Fils-Aime said that Nintendo’s post-E3 releases will be “maximizing all of our key franchises”
He went on to tease about the [...]

SSBB Won’t Play on Modded Wii

Nintendo hates Pirates. Okay, not actual Pirates… I’m speaking of Piracy, you know music/movie/software/game piracy.
Nintendo has made it well known that some consoles will have problems playing the new dual layer SSBB game, because of a dirty lenses. But, what they fail to mention is that the game won’t also play for anyone who has [...]

Namco Unveiling Balance Board Game Soon?

How close are we to having more games for the Wii Balance Board? The US release of the game is a little over tow months away… so shouldn’t we be hearing/seeing a little more about these “10 Balance Board games”?
Well according to CVG, Namco is rumored to be showing off a new balance board game [...]

Is Walmart Ready for SSBB Launch?

Have certain Walmart’s already received their shipment of Super Smash Bros. Brawl? If the image below is any indication… Yes.

But don’t get your hopes up about getting a copy early from the super chain store, measures have been taken to help “prevent” this… check out the quote below from Nintendo World Report.
Walmart computers will not [...]

Linux on Your Wii?

A recent article over at PC World explains some of the procedure for putting Linux on your Nintendo Wii… check out the quote below.
You’ll need a GameCube SD card adapter, a 1GB (or higher) SD card, a copy of Zelda (for the Wii), and of course, a Nintendo Wii itself. Next, you’ll need to make [...]

Rumor: SSBB North America Commercial

UPDATE: The video has been pulled off You Tube.
The following video is “supposedly” a new North American commercial for SSBB… but something is a little off to me.

I’ll have to agree with GoNintendo on this one…
t’s just one of the Japanese commercials, minus voiceover. The text that does pop up just doesn’t fit, in my [...]

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