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Review: BenQ Joybee GP1 Projector

The term “pocket projector” is used loosely, but don’t let this fool you, as the BenQ GP1 projector is quite powerful.

Some key BenQ Joybee GP1 features:
Resolution: 858×600
Projection System: DLP
Brightness: 100 ANSI Lumens
Light Source: LED (3 RGB)
Contrast Ratio: 2000:1
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 / 16:9
Inputs: USB, RCA, AV, 15-pin computer monitor
For a detailed list of features go here.
Review: [...]

Yahoo! Wii Fit Review

Here is the last paragraph from Yahoo! review of Wii Fit… sums it up quite nicely…
Will you lose weight? Put it this way: it’s not going to hurt. Much of the challenge of starting a daily fitness regime is simply in finding an impetus to start, and Wii Fit is a lot cheaper than a [...]

So your Wii is glowing blue… must be time for an update.
Wait a second, this isn’t an everyday “run-of-the-mill” update… the Nintendo Channel is ready for download. Oh, and by the way… it’s FREE!
NintendoWiiFanboy has a written a “mini-review” of the channel…
We’re pretty pleased with what the channel has to offer so far. There’s already [...]

I’ve played my fair share of Donkey Kong over the years, both in the arcade and at home on my dads Atari 2600.
I often thought of what it would be like to get to the final stage of the game, the elusive kill screen. But alas, I’ll never know what it’s like.

But there are two [...]

G4TV Gives “No More Heroes” 5/5

G4TV recently reviewed the highly anticipated game No More Heroes, and they gave it a perfect 5/5. Check out the video below for the full rundown over the game.

I’m glad to hear that a game for the Wii is getting some respect since there are not many good games for the system. But, in all [...]

With E3 now in the rear-view mirror and game companies having revealed all they
have to offer, Popular Mechanics’ intrepid E3 reporters sat down to mull
over everything they had seen and produce a top 10 list. To see which games won
them over, check out:
Popular Mechanics Game Reviews
And, lest you take them seriously, also [...]

Madden NFL 07 Review

It’s been almost twenty years since EA started making the Madden NFL series, and to be honest not much has changed other than the obvious developments in graphics. The game has always been controlled in roughly the same way with little tweaks to counter the changes in control pads from console to console, but now [...]

Call of Duty 3 Review

World War II seems to have been a brilliant event for gamers and publishers, despite being very bad for the rest of the world, as so many games nowadays are being made about it, the latest of these is Call of Duty 3 which is being released on all three next generation consoles, although Wii [...]