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With E3 now in the rear-view mirror and game companies having revealed all they
have to offer, Popular Mechanics’ intrepid E3 reporters sat down to mull
over everything they had seen and produce a top 10 list. To see which games won
them over, check out:
Popular Mechanics Game Reviews
And, lest you take them seriously, also [...]

Wendy’s Giving Away Free Wii’s

The popular fast food chain, Wendy’s is now offering a chance to win Wii consoles, games, and point cards with a purchase of their new delicious Frosty Float. They are offering 800 Wii consoles, 800 Wii games, and 800 Wii point cards attached to several cups with peel off stickers……and they say eating fast food [...]

Nyko Getting a Grip on the Wii

Nyko has announced that it will release grips for the Wii Remote and Classic Controller this Spring. The Classic Controller grip will come with a Wii Remote dock and cord-management system, while the Wii Remote grip will replace the Remote’s battery cover with a rubberized grip:
LOS ANGELES — February 23, 2007 — Nyko Technologies(R), a [...]

Hardcore video gamers could get some help keeping in touch with the real world around us as Nintendo Co. launches an online news service through its popular Wii console.
The Wii News Channel, as it is called, will primarily feature top news stories and photographs from The Associated Press.
Consoles with a broadband Internet connection will be [...]

Nintendo’s new Wii™ video game system not only changes how people play games, but redefines how they interact with both the system and their televisions. With the Wii Menu, Nintendo offers a gateway to new experiences through a collection of interactive channels people can use to customize their gaming and entertainment options.
The Wii Menu serves [...]

7 More Ubisoft Titles By March 2007

Although Ubisoft are already releasing seven games for the launch of the Wii later this year they have announced that they will have another seven games ready for the Wii by March 2007.

THQ Announces Launch Titles

THQ have announced the four titles that they will have available for the Wii from launch day.

Wii Costs Under $250 Confirmed

Nintendo has issued a press release stating that the Wii will not sell for over $250. They’ve also announced that they expect the Wii to sell 6 million units but the end of March worldwide. I think that the Wii will probably sell for around $250 with a game and two controllers, or for $200 [...]