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Alright, I wanted to do a Bill Simmons-esque retro diary of Nintendo’s E3 conference, but I’m way too tired for that. My co-worker decided to hurt her back yesterday so she could take the next two days off work, which means it’s all me all day, and I get to work double shifts. Yeah, this [...]

The Sims 3 Console Gameplay Trailer!!

You know one of the worst things about the week of E3 is the fact that there’s no way I’ll have any time to actually play videogames this week. Of course, if I was at the conference that would be a totally different story. I’d be able to play all sorts of games if I [...]

Alright, E3 has officially kicked off. No, I’m not there, but it’s all good. Seriously, don’t be sad for me. Before we the E3 train gets going at full speed, how about some news that comes from out of nowhere?
POWER A has just announced they will be releasing the world’s first “Mini” Wiimotes!! I’m sure [...]

So, E3 is less than a week away, and the World Cup is just a couple of days away. Yeah, I’m freaking the eff out over here!! You know what, I realized that if I was going to E3 it would totally kill my footy watching time, and that just would not do. I’m sure [...]

WiiWare & Virtual Console Monday!!!

Okay, we all know that Apple stole all the attention today with their WWDC conference and the iPhone 4. I’m not gonna lie, the thing is too sexy and I’m sold. That’s right, Mrs. Mike and I will finally make the leap and buy an iPhone. Now, excuse me while I go and take a [...]

Just so you guys know, we got Roxy back. Apparently a crackhead picked her up from the middle of the road and sold her to a nice family who called us when they saw our flyers. I detail the whole saga over at GeekyPopular. Since that drama is over with, it’s back to the depressing [...]

This has been an extremely stressful few days for me. Roxy The Dog decided to runaway Sunday evening and Mrs. Mike and I have barely been able to function. We put her and Rambo out after dinner the other night, and when I went to bring them in, the bitch had bounced. She got through [...]

Well, this kinda sucks. There’s basically zero news whatsoever worth posting. How can this be happening to me? I know E3 is coming up and the industry is going to keep their cards close until then, but damn, this is just crazy. I’ve been staring at my computer screen for like the past hour, while [...]

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