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Want a Giant Floor Mat NES Controller?

Check out the video below on how to build a giant NES controller.


Sure you’ve heard of Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman… but have you ever heard of WiiMan?

Here is a quote from WiiMan’s blogspot about his origins…
Guys, I have an idea for GarageGeeks KinnerNet 2008 project. it combines Gaming, Technology and Useless Activity to the extreme. Building a full action figure custom of a super hero called [...]

Super Mario Galaxy Case Mod

SNES Papercraft

I saw this a few days ago, same day I posted about the Super Mario CubeCrafts. I didn’t want to bombard everyone with foldable Nintendo goodness all on the same day… I wanted to give you a day or so for your papercuts to heal.
Well, hopefully the soreness has left your fingers because below you’ll [...]

Wii White GameCube Controller

A new “Wii white” GameCube Controller is set to hit the streets over in Japan sometime this month…

I wonder when this will become available stateside?
(Via GoNintendo)

BioShock 2 Heading for Wii?

This past Saturday was the first time I ever played the game BioShock. Granted I only played it for about 2 hours… but within those two hours… I became hooked. I couldn’t stop playing it… I wanted to see what was going to come at me next. Very original game.
Of course after all the BioShock [...]

Super Mario CubeCrafts

You guys remember the CubeCraft Boom Blox Chicken we told you about back in February? Well now the site has some “Nintendo related” characters for you to print and fold up.

Below are the links to the downloads. Enjoy!
Mario | Goomba | ? Block

Favorite SSBB Character So Far

Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been out for a few days now, and by the looks of things… it’s a huge success (surprise… surprise).

So After Brawling for a few days… do you have a favorite character yet? Thanks to emac for the topic.
Head on over to the WiiSpin Forum where there is an ongoing discussion [...]

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