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Lego Batam Pre-Order Gift

Personally, I never really got into the whole “Lego” games… not really my thing. But, they keep pumping them out… anyway.
If you pre-order Lego Batamn from GameStop you can receive a Lego Batman character key chain (example below).

Lego Batman hits store shelves on 09/23/08
(Via GameStop)

Rock Band 2 Pre-Order Gift

It appears that if you pre-order your copy of Rock Band 2 for the Nintendo Wii at your local GameStop (or online), you can get your hands on this nifty t-shirt.

Rock Band 2 ships on 11/18/2008 for the Wii.
(Via GameStop)

Wii Fit Experiment Results Video

(Via GoNintendo)

Here is a photo of the newly sponsored WiiFit car of Alex Lloyd during practice at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

In Lloyds bio it says “Alex Lloyd’s career began in go-karts”… wonder if he’s a fan of Mario Kart?
(Pic Via

Want a Giant Floor Mat NES Controller?

Check out the video below on how to build a giant NES controller.


Sure you’ve heard of Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Batman… but have you ever heard of WiiMan?

Here is a quote from WiiMan’s blogspot about his origins…
Guys, I have an idea for GarageGeeks KinnerNet 2008 project. it combines Gaming, Technology and Useless Activity to the extreme. Building a full action figure custom of a super hero called [...]

Super Mario Galaxy Case Mod

SNES Papercraft

I saw this a few days ago, same day I posted about the Super Mario CubeCrafts. I didn’t want to bombard everyone with foldable Nintendo goodness all on the same day… I wanted to give you a day or so for your papercuts to heal.
Well, hopefully the soreness has left your fingers because below you’ll [...]