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So how much would you be willing to pay for a Nintendo Wii? Well for a mere $15,000 you could’ve gotten your hands on a Nintendo Wii - Star Wars Vader Edition.

Even thought this price is just truly insane.. I must say I like how the Wii looks like in black. I’ve never really been [...]

Wii Zapper Now Available

Yesterday Nintendo released the highly anticipated Wii Zapper, a shooting accessory for the Wii Console. The Wii Zapper gains it’s controls by users snapping in the Wii Remote and Nunchuck into designated spots. With the Wii Zapper coming in just around $20… it seems well worth the price.

Included in the box with the Wii Zapper [...]

Amazon Selling Wiis for $79?

After reading all the articles and blog posts about how scarce the Nintendo Wii is going to be this holiday season, I was a bit shocked to learn what has going on. They have a current promotion running that could potentially allow you to buy a Wii for $79!

The Wii isn’t the only game [...]

Should the Wii Play DVD’s?

Having the Wii Play DVD’s… is there really a high demand for this? Wouldn’t you agree that probably 99.9% of people who own Wii’s already have a DVD player? I’m just saying, I don’t see this being a very big draw for Nintendo, I don’t see many people buying a Wii for the DVD playback.

Maybe [...]

Wal-Mart Selling Off Brand Wii Remotes

Laptop Logic is running a funny little story about a Wiimote knock-off being sold at Wal-Mart. The design is very similar to the Wiimote, but it has a little screen on top that you are somehow supposed to view the game on while swinging the controller around. The article’s author Steve Martiniez writes:
The part that’s [...]

So how many Virtual Console games have you bought? Have you filled up your limited Wii memory already? If, so I bet you thought that Nintendo would alleviate some of your memory concern by releasing the oft rumored Wii hard drive… well, today that rumor has been squashed. has a few interesting quotes from a [...]

Wii’s Available Tomorrow on Amazon?

A recent post, at our sister site, talks about possibly having some Nintendo Wii’s available online tomorrow.
Head over to to get the full details.

Europe Gets the Wii Zapper

Nintendo announced today that the highly anticipated Wii Zapper will be released for Europe on December 7th. The Zapper will come bundled with the title Link’s Crossbow Training, according to Reg Hardware.

The Wii Zapper houses both the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, which allows for easier game play of the “shoot-em-up” style games. Imagine how fun [...]

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