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Super Mario Galaxy Case Mod

Wii White GameCube Controller

A new “Wii white” GameCube Controller is set to hit the streets over in Japan sometime this month…

I wonder when this will become available stateside?
(Via GoNintendo)

New: Neo Geo Wii Stick 2

Take a look at the images below, it’s the “new” Neo Geo Wii Stick 2. It’s scheduled to release in Japan on April 10th for about 5,000 Yen.

Anyone hoping this controller gets a US release?
(Via GoNintendo)

Turning Off the Wiimote

Have you ever wondered how to turn off a Wiimote without turning off the console? To be honest, I’ve never even really thought about it… but I guess it’s something that should be known if you own the console.

I was reading through the WiiChat forum today when I happend upon this thread. User Guillotine gives [...]

Autoboot Creator for Nintendo Wii

Ever wanted to patch a Wii ISO so that you could bypass the Wii Menu… and boot immediately? … sure we all have. Well LandeSoft has a new Windows program for you, the Wii Autoboot Creator. has the translated version of the release notes for the software…
What does it do?
With this application, you can modify [...]

Wiimote/Phone Controller?

I was doing my daily canvasing of the Internet trying to find the latest Wii News for you guys today, when I came across this.
I was reading the article when I noticed the monstrosity in the left corner of the article. I just kind of set there and stared at it for a few moments, [...]

Wii Fit Sells A Million in Japan

After less than a month on the market the exercise balance board, better known as Wii Fit, has surpassed the 1 million units sold mark.

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about Wii Fit being a hit… selling more than 100,000 units in it’s first full week in release. lets you in on everything that [...]

Wii Fit a Hit… in Japan

In just it’s second week of release the exercise themed bundle “Wii Fit” has claimed the number one spot of game sales in Japan.

According to…
Three games sold over 100,000 units this week, with Wii Fit on 150,000, Mario Party DS rising up four places to number two with 107,000 units sold and Namco’s Tales [...]