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Woman Uses Wii as Credit Card Machine…

Ok, so this story is coming to us through Kotaku, via the forums at NeoGAF. Apparently one of it’s friendly users, HUELEN10, tried to be a good samaritan and explain the wonders of the Wii to his neighbor. Let’s just say, hilarity ensued.
“My neighbors which I don’t really know to well to begin [...]

Introducing the WiiSpin Forum

Hello WiiSpinners,
I wanted to invite you to join the New WiiSpin Forum, the newest Nintendo Wii community on the Internet!
The “official launch” is still a few days away… but I wanted to give the faithful readers a chance to join before it’s announced to the masses.
We’ve got on-going discussions about the Latest Wii Games, Cheats, [...]

Rent-To-Own Wii Costs $948

The Consumerist has a truly disgusting news item about a certain “Rent-To-Own” store where you can “lease” a Nintendo Wii for only $79 per month… for 12 months. Yeah, you done the math right… it’s ridiculous amount.
$79 x 12 months = $948.00
According to the site…
This $250 Wii console can be yours for only $79 a [...]

Los Angeles SSBB Tournament Results

This past weekend marked the start to the nation wide SSBB tournament, as the even kicked off in Los Angeles. 256 Brawlers met with starry eyes in hopes to win the $500 Best Buy gift card and the trip to the championship in NYC on March 8th.

The tournament was decided with the following specifications according [...]

I’ve played my fair share of Donkey Kong over the years, both in the arcade and at home on my dads Atari 2600.
I often thought of what it would be like to get to the final stage of the game, the elusive kill screen. But alas, I’ll never know what it’s like.

But there are two [...]

Update: Wii Raincheck Good Idea?

I’ll admit… I was a little harsh on the “Wii Certificate Program” back when it was first announced before Christmas.

Some time has past (over a month to be exact), so was this “program” worth it?
Personally, I was never convinced that sitting on a $250 I.O.U was ever a good idea… but what do I know. [...]

Police Using Miis To Locate Wii Owner

Police in West Yorkshire England are hoping they can use the Mii characters discovered on a stolen Wii console to help them find the rightful owner. reports that earlier this month, a Nintendo Wii was found when arresting a 32 year old man for property theft. Police believe that the console was stolen sometime after [...]

Top 5 Worst Wii Game Titles

Recently I was reading throught the full list of Wii game titles when something struck me, most of them were utterly ridiculous. I’m not saying the games themselves are bad… just the title (the actual name of the game). So With that in mind… I present you with the “Top 5 Worst Wii Game Titles”.

5.) [...]