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Wii Mat Coming for Wii Fit

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.For only US$32 you can get your very own “Wii Fit Mat“. Whoa, don’t everyone run to the store at the same time… the mat isn’t even available yet. Won’t hit US stores until sometime in February.

As you could have probably guessed… the […]

Nintendo Wii Getting “The Shaft”

No seriously… a company called Overline Gaming is coming out with a new “Arcade Style Joystick for the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console” and it’s called The Shaft.

According to the WiiShaft.com…
Pre-Order Now for Dec 24 Delivery | Get 1 for $39.95 or 2 for $69.95 | Normal Retail Price is $79.95 for 1!
A Customizable Turbo Function […]

Full Wii Attachment Aresenal

Yesterday I brought you the news of a new fishing attachment for the Nintendo Wii. Well, let me introduce you to the “Dragon Wii Weapon Kit 8 in 1 Bundle Set”.

I’m sort of at a loss for words with this one… I think the above image speaks for itself. I mean when your playing […]

New Wii Channel: Check Mii Out

Have you got a few Mii’s that your wanting to show off, but have no place to do it? Well you might be in luck… on November 11th Nintendo is launching a new free channel entitled “Check Mii Out”.
“The Check Mii Out Channel lets people show off their Mii creations and vote on those […]

Wii Fishing Just Got Dangerous

I know that most of you out there are wondering “How can I increase the chances of getting injured while playing the Wii?” Well let me be one of the firsts to introduce you to the Dragon Wii Fishing Rod Advance.

Yes, that’s right… it’s a 4 ft. piece of hard plastic that attaches to the […]

I know that you Xbox 360, and PS3 guys are going to say that downloadable content is nothing new for your console… but “back off”, it’s a cool new feature for the Nintendo Wii.
Bandai Namco’s Mojipittan will feature paid downloadable content that will expand the game with new items and stages. No details on how […]

Europe Gets the Wii Zapper

Nintendo announced today that the highly anticipated Wii Zapper will be released for Europe on December 7th. The Zapper will come bundled with the title Link’s Crossbow Training, according to Reg Hardware.

The Wii Zapper houses both the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, which allows for easier game play of the “shoot-em-up” style games. Imagine how fun […]

Do-It-Yourself: Wii Balance Board

Can’t wait for the release of the Wii Fitness Board? Well a Japanese magazine, Game Labo magazine, may have the answer for you. They’ve published a how-to on building your very own Wii balance board.
This may be a godsend for the Wii users that are pushing 300+ in weight, which is the max weight for […]