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Remember the multi-colored Wiimote straps that debuted in Japan a few months back? No… me either.
But in any case, folks who live in Australia can currently go buy the set which features straps in colors Green, Blue, Pink, and White.

The straps sell for AU $9.95 ($7)
(Via Wii Fanboy)

New Fishing Accessory

Check out one of the newest accessories to hit… it comes from Rapala and is meant for the game “Rapala Fishing Frenzy”.

So what do you think? Personally, I think the crank handle is a bit on the large side… but for a Wiicessory… not to bad.
(Via GoNintendo)

Super Mario Galaxy Case Mod

Come on Nintendo, we need a hard drive
This was the sentiment that Rob Kay, design director over at Harmonix, shared with CVG. His frustrations stem from future Wii Rock Band owners not being able to download extra songs because of the lack of storage.
CVG has more…
If the platform could do it, we’d jump on it”, [...]

Mario Themed Wii Case Mod

Check out the image below… it’s over a pretty cool Wii case mod focusing totally on your favorite Mario Brother.

Have you done any modding on your Wii… want to learn how, talk about it in the WiiSpin Forum.
(Via Technabob)

The Wii FreeLoader

No, we’re not talking about your brother-in-law who is always hogging your Wii… we’re talking about the disc that allows you to play any game for the Nintendo Wii, or GameCube.

According to the Wii FreeLoader site at Code Junkies…
Wii FreeLoader is really easy to use. Simply insert your FreeLoader disc and load it in the [...]

Guitar Hero Wii Controllers Coming Feb 27

Tired of rocking out by yourself or taking turns while playing Guitar Hero for the Wii? Well later this month, Feb. 27th to be exact, you’ll be able to purchase additional guitar controllers for the Wii.

An extra guitar controller will set you back $69.99… which is quite a steep price if you ask me.
According to [...]

Nerf Wii Blaster Controller

Step aside Wii Zapper, there is a much cooler “gun” coming our way. Introducing the Blaster Controller. Not only does it hold your Wiimote oh so gently it also shoots foam darts… and makes us gamers smile.

As the above image is just a sample… we’re a bit skimpy on the full details of the blaster. [...]