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Pics and Preview of Wii2HDMI!!

During E3 I mentioned the Wii2HDMI peripheral from Neoya, and today I’ve got my hands on the adapter. If you don’t recall, the Wii2HDMI is an adapter that plugs into the Wii’s AV port and allows you to connect to your TV via an HDMI cable. It’s still plugged into a Wii, so if you’re expecting solid HD graphics you’ll be disappointed. The Wii is only capable of outputting 480p, so the Wii2HDMI is simply something to get if you haven’t already converted to the component cables or if you want to replace them for a streamlined bit of sexy HDMI lovin’.

I haven’t tested Wii2HDMI in-game yet, so let’s talk about the device itself. First off, it sticks out of the back of the Wii by at least three inches or so. If you have your Wii setup somewhere with limited space in the back, you may have issues, especially considering you still need to have room for the HDMI cable to plug straight in. My other issue with the adapter so far is that it was fairly difficult getting my HDMI cable connected. I’m not talking about due to space, this is just plugging the male end of my cable into the female port. It was definitely a bit tight and almost needed to be forced in. The problem with that is it’s just a plastic adapter, so I worried I might mess it up. That could have just been my paranoia though, because it went in and nothing broke.

Notice how the Wii is upside down here?

Notice how the Wii is upside down here?

The final small gripe I have, and this is all me being particular in my own special way, but the the way it’s setup seems backwards. With it plugged into the Wii, and the Wii laying flat (the way I have mine set) the text on the adapter are facing down. This is made more evident when you realize that the HDMI plug is also facing down at that point; the narrowest end faces down and that forced me to kind of twist my cable to get it in. If you have your Wii standing vertically, it probably doesn’t matter as there’s always going to be one side without text on it. Maybe they only had those who stood their Wii’s up in mind, hell, maybe in China it’s meant to face down. I’ll try to get some game time in tonight, if not, I’ll give my full review of how well the device works tomorrow. Honestly, all that really matters is how it performs when playing games, so we’ll see. This post is loaded with pics, so we’ll skip a video today. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

If youve got room for this beast, find out tomorrow if it's worth it!

If you've got room for this beast, find out tomorrow if it's worth it!

3 Responses to “Pics and Preview of Wii2HDMI!!”  

  1. 1 Juan

    I have Wii2HDMI too, but the sound makes a bit of noise in the Wii Menu when you push a button, does it happen to you too? Also it warms too much, is it normal? Thanks ; )

  2. 2 Juan

    I have noticed a bit of noise in the Wii menu (for example, when you push the Wii Button on the left). I’m using Neoya HDMI cable. Do you have noticed the same problem with the sound? Can the cable be the problem? It looks be a bad digital conversion sound.

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