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If any of you are lucky enough to be reading this in a part of the country, or world, that isn’t hot as balls, I hate you. Seriously, it’s ridiculously hot here in Atlanta. The grass in my front yard has taken on a healthy brown hue to them; I think it may be some sort of defense mechanism to aid in the battle against The Sun. I wish I had a defense system like that, or, at the very least, a pool. It would be freaking awesome if we had a pool; but, we don’t. Well, Mrs. Mike and I did buy a freaking awesome inflatable pool on the Fourth. It would have been even more awesome had we planned properly and given the water time to warm up a bit once we filled it so that we wouldn’t have had to sit in freezing cold water as the sun set. But who the eff plans ahead like that?

I’m not Japanese, but I do like the song, “I Think I’m Turning Japanese.” It’s so choice. Something else that is equally choice is the NESBuckle. You know the ones, the belt buckle that got a heaping dose of BadAssery from an old-school NES controller. As it turns out, the owner of has decided to pass the reigns of his empire to the highest bidder. If you’ve got a price that is right (and the reserve is set at somet like $6500), then you can be the new CEO of NESBuckle. It may not be that glamorous, but he does hook you up with the domain and everything you need to keep the “official” NESBuckle alive and kicking.

While you’re waiting to see if you have a winning bid or not, why don’t you check out the videos below. There’s an awesome behind the scenes video for the Queen of Badass’ next adventure, Metroid: Other M. We’re gonna follow that up with the premiere trailer for Mistwalker’s upcoming title, The Last Story. In case you’re not in the know, The Last Story is being made by the creator of Final Fantasy, so it’ll probably be all types of epic. BTW, once you hit play and realize that the videos are in Japanese, you’ll be amazed that my “turning Japanese” statement above wasn’t totally random. Yeah, I planned that shit out son!! Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.