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Anyone looking for a major update for WiiWare or the Virtual Console will be disappointed this week, sorry. Well, I’m not sorry because it’s not on me, it’s on Nintendo. Unfortunately, I can’t “officially” offer apologies for Nintendo. I should be able to though, they would be some totally kick-ass apologies…
“On behalf on Nintendo I [...]

Right, so I still haven’t tried out the Wii2HDMI. I know, there’s really no reason I haven’t except that I’ve been a bit tired. This weekend I should for sure though, so we’ll talk more about it next week. In the meantime, did you know Super Mario Galaxy 2 has sold more than 1 million [...]

Pics and Preview of Wii2HDMI!!

During E3 I mentioned the Wii2HDMI peripheral from Neoya, and today I’ve got my hands on the adapter. If you don’t recall, the Wii2HDMI is an adapter that plugs into the Wii’s AV port and allows you to connect to your TV via an HDMI cable. It’s still plugged into a Wii, so if you’re [...]

You know what really sucks? Realizing that you can’t depend on other people. Don’t worry, I’m not going all emo on you; I’m not in danger of becoming a cutter or doing myself other bodily harm, like befriending a ginger. This isn’t about some childhood friend abandoning me in an hour of need. I’m talking [...]

If any of you are lucky enough to be reading this in a part of the country, or world, that isn’t hot as balls, I hate you. Seriously, it’s ridiculously hot here in Atlanta. The grass in my front yard has taken on a healthy brown hue to them; I think it may be some [...]

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