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Red Steel 3 Is Happening!

If I told you that despite all the hyping up I’ve done of Red Steel 2 that I still hadn’t played the game, would you forgive me? Look, I’ve been crazy busy lately. We’ve had crazy things going on at the house, I meet with someone everyday, and I had to clean out our Koi pond. Oh yeah, there was also the little task of building a waterfall. I mean, we built a freaking waterfall!! Take that mother nature!!

So, I’ve not had too much time for gaming lately. I promise, I am going to play it though. In fact, I’m gonna play the crap out of it…one day. Hopefully, that day comes before Red Steel 3 comes out. Oh snap! You didn’t know about RS3? Well, now you do. Apparently it will be compatible with the Wii Vitality Sensor, which is a bit iffy in my opinion. I just hope Reggie and Cammie show this bitch off at E3 in June! The pic I posted up there is from the French Nintendo Magazine that blew the lid off this sucka. It’s in French, but I’ll translate it for you: “Red Steel 3 is going to come out and be effing awesome. *French laughing*” Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

LiveWii via Neogaf.

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