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The Conduit 2 & Super Mario Galaxy 2!!!

You all know how I feel about The Conduit, last year’s winner of the first annual prestigious WiiSpin’s GOTY. I love the game, I love Agent Ford, and I love ASE. So, do you think I was excited when High Voltage Software announced that they were currently working on The Conduit 2? Hells to the yeah I was excited! The team is promising to make the game bigger and better, and are even including online & offline co-op!! Can you imagine playing The Conduit Goldeneye style?!? I’m literally drooling right now. There’s not much to see of the game so far, but check the screens below then hit the jump for some Mario Galaxy 2 goodness.

The Conduit 2 Screenshot
The Conduit 2 Screenshot

I think that Mario and Samus Aran may have some sort of rivalry going on. They both had their latest games debuted at the same conference, and they are coming out within weeks of each other. Samus’ latest, Metroid:Other M, will be out June 27, which is just over a month after Super Mario Galaxy 2’s launch date of May 23. That could all be coincidental, but the fact that Galaxy 2 releases an epic gameplay trailer exactly one day after Other M just stinks of conspiracy. A conspiracy made of deliciousness that is! I’m posting the gameplay trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2 below. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.