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Metroid: Other M Gameplay Trailer!!!

See, I announce some site news and I immediately start sticking to it. I love it when a plan comes together. One of the most anticipated Wii titles this year is Metroid: Other M. Fanboys and girls the world over are drooling over the promise of hearing Samus Aran speak for the very first time. I’ve never been a fanatic of the series because they are usually so damned hard, but I am hyped over the fact that Team Ninja is taking control over gaming’s most famous bounty hunter. Nintendo has been fairly shy about showing the game in motion so far, but it looks like in the weeks leading up to it’s launch in May they look to change that.

The first trailer we saw for Other M, while very beautiful, was all CG and pre-rendered animations. That’s all well and good, but everyone knows the real meat and potatoes are the gameplay trailers. Honestly, I thought we’d have to wait another couple of weeks before we saw this beauty in motion. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong before. Once you watch the trailer below, you’ll know why. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.