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Samus and Mario Are Coming!!!

I wish I could tell you that I was attending Nintendo’s Media Summit, but I’m not. I know, I still don’t get no respect. It works out though; the way I see it, I can let the other “big” sites do all the work, while I ride on their coattails and regurgitate what they report. I’m kind of like one of the members of Destiny’s Child that way, Beyonce is the one that really matters and people care about, but occasionally people notice me too. Like that one time there was the video of that one member in the group who fell on stage. Beyonce just glared at her and stepped over her. I’m pretty sure that lady hasn’t been heard from since…

Something else that we’ve not heard much, nay anything, about is “Metroid:The Other M”. Honestly, we’ve not really gotten anything on the upcoming adventure starring Samus Aran aka the most BA Betty in all of gaming. What we do know is that Team Ninja is developing it, and it’s supposedly going to be a bit darker. I’m drooling right now. Another title that Ninty’s been a bit mum on has been “Super Mario Galaxy 2″, the sequel to Mario’s first outing on the Wii. Some people think SMG was the best Mario to date, I’m not one of them. Don’t sleep, the game was fantastic, and tons of fun, but nothing will beat “Super Mario Bros. 3″, there’s just something about that damned racoon cap… Anyway, the Big N preempted today’s Media Summit with yesterday’s announcement of a “release window” for Other M & Galaxy 2. I don’t like release “windows”, it leaves too much room for interpretation. Like when you ask your wife/spouse “what do you want for dinner?” and they reply “I don’t care, I feel like spaghetti or sushi or mexican, but whatever you want is fine. You pick.” They don’t really mean “you pick” they mean “you pick but it better be the choice I was going to make or else I’ll make you change your mind.” When a company says the games will be out “between June and August”, that’s like a 90 day window. Do you know how much you can get done in 90 days? Let me put it in perspective, we’re only 55 days into 2010, think of all you’ve gotten done since New Year’s Day. Yeah, I hate windows. Whatever, at least they didn’t say October or something stupid like that, I can wait till mid-summer to get my hands on what will surely be two instant classics. If anything new comes out today on these games, you can count on finding them here, as long as someone who’s “important” enough to get an invite from Cammie puts it in the interwebs. Until then, let’s relive the glory that are the first, and only, trailers from “Metroid:The Other M” and “Super Mario Galaxy 2″, and just for fun I’ll put the video up of the now missing member of Destiny’s Child. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

UPDATE: Nintendo announced firm release dates for the two games. “Super Mario Galaxy 2″ will be launching May 23, and “Metroid:The Other M” will hit shelves June 27. See, I can handle firm dates, who needs stinking windows anyway?!!? Stay tuned for more on news coming from the Summit.