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Red Steel 2!!!

I don’t know if I’ve ever properly vented my loathing for cell-phones here, but I kinda hate them. Actually, I think it’s just phones in general; I really can’t stand talking on them. What do I have to say, or does someone have to say, that can’t be said in an email? I rarely answer my phone, and it’s even rarer for me to actually carry the thing on me. To be honest, I blame Apple and their damned iPhone & iPod Touch. You see, I have an iPod Touch, and I love it, it’s always with me. It’s got my music, email, and whatever else I really need. Thing is, it’s not a phone, and I don’t feel like having it and a phone in my pocket. It’s like they are forcing me to buy a damned iPhone, the fact that my phone quit working the other day and I’m now relegated to using the like 4 year old cell that Mrs. Mike & I got for free way back when sure doesn’t help. I don’t even need a phone, I really wish my iPod got email, maps and web anywhere I went, because that’s the only feature I’d really use. It’s so dumb….Yeah, I totally hate cell-phones. Maybe Google will get their junk together and release a phone about as good as the iPhone. (Side-note: I say that because I hate the fact that everyone has an iPhone. It’s not at all a cool device anymore. It’s basically the new Motorola Razr, which is lame.)

Something else that’s lame is that I have to wait another month before I can play Red Steel 2 and the folks at IGN got a nice lengthy demo to run through. One day I’ll be a big shot like those guys, and those Frenchies at Ubisoft will come to me with their new games. Yeah, that will probably never happen. Still, a dude can dream, right? Another thing I can do is read their write up and get jealous about the time they’ve had with some ass-kicking samurai cowboys before throwing a hissy-fit in which I pound my fists to my keyboard like that fat German kid from the YouTube. They say it helps to watch a nice video preview, but it just made me more sad. If you want to emo out with me, then check the video below and try not to be too sad. I mean, we’ve only got another month to go…. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.