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Sonic Goes To The Races!!!

So, the big news today is that Tiger Woods finally broke his silence and issued a public apology. Honestly, I find it a bit unnecessary and, now that I’ve seen the apology looped on ESPN for the past four hours, a bit annoying. Dude plays golf, Mrs. Mike doesn’t even consider that a real sport. Why is it any of our business if he had an affair and got caught then tried to drive away in some kind of strange drunken-pill induced sex coma only to crash his car like 15 feet from his house and then falling asleep in the grass? Sure, he’s kind of dumb, but I don’t care what he does in his personal time. If anything, he should be apologizing to me for Debo’ing ESPN for the past 4 hours!! It’s so ridiculous, surely something else happened in the world of sports at some point in the past 24 hours!! I mean, there is the Olympics and all happening right now. But nooooo, we need to hear some guy who probably feels like the only person he should be apologizing to is himself and maybe his wife go on and on about how he messed up and hopes we forgive him. Tell you what, if ESPN stops showing this in time for me to watch PTI, I’ll forgive you. If not, you better start writing more apologies!! (Side-note: Since we’re on a sports kick so far, check the quote from Vitali Klitchscko, boxings Heavyweight Champion of the World from his retirement announcement: “I only have to win one belt. So this year I will hang up my boxing gloves. And I’ll stop visiting different cities to beat somebody’s face in.” WHAT!!?!?! That is the most BA retirement announcement of all time. I just hope he gets the chance to beat David Haye’s face in first.)

Now that we’ve got that bit of ultra-violence out of the way, let’s get all wholesome for a bit, SEGA style. I haven’t done a single post on “Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing”, and I’ve got good reason for that. You see, I’m sick of half-assed “Mario Kart” clones; since the definitive “character” racer debuted on SNES years ago, there’s been no shortage of them, and almost all of them have been crap. It seems that SEGA and Sumo Digital feel the same way, because their upcoming title actually looks pretty good. Don’t sleep, it’s still very much a Kart clone, but it looks to be one that’s done with as much individuality as possible, and with the intent of ensuring that all the fun Ninty delivers is there as well. (Side-note: I almost got uber-lame and called it a “Kart Klone”, but I chose not to. Seriously, my finger was paused above the letter k for at least a minute as I weighed the ramifications of going down that road. Yeah, these are the things I think about as I write TheSpin.) Yes, the game is going to have power ups that you drive over to collect. Yes, the game is going to be very arcadey. Yes, the game is basically going to be “Mario Kart” but with SEGA characters instead of a Nintendo cast. That’s a good thing though. If you can take all the things that Kart does right, and put your own name, label, and spin on the game, while managing to keep all the fun factors intact, then go for it. We’ll have to wait until February 23 to see if SEGA pulls it off, but judging by the trailers below, “Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing” will be giving “Mario Kart” a run for its money. (Side-note: Try to ignore the obnoxious people in the first trailer, it’s like SEGA paid them to be as cliche as possible…) Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

(Side-note: As I wrote this up I had the TV on ESPN and I’m pretty sure they showed Tiger’s apology in entirety, went to a commercial break, and then started it from the beginning when they got back from the break. This is going to make me hate ESPN…)

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  1. 1 Carlene Brunetti

    thanks, Keep up the Good work :)

  2. 2 Nicholas King

    I like the Mario Kart game because it is more challenging as you get to the next level.