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Prince of Pretty!!!

I’ve never really liked any of the “Prince of Persia” games, they just never really did it for me. Even last year when Ubisoft decided to go in a new direction and style for the series, I found it a bit meh. Sure, the game looked nice, and I guess that sort of exploration was all well and good, just not for me. I wish they were my cup of tea, because on paper it seems like something I’d really enjoy. I mean, dude can slow down time, is a badass swordsman, and can do all sorts of parkour style stunts including running along cliff walls. For some reason, all of that never translates into fun in my eyes. I feel like it’s that way with tons of gamers; that PoP is just one of those middle of the road series, selling just enough to warrant sequel after sequel. I know there must be a fanbase for the series, I also know it’s not me. Well, Ubisoft doesn’t seem to worry much about that, as they are gearing up for yet another sequel in “Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands”. The title is going to be launching on all next-gen consoles, and according to the press release will tap into the Wii’s reserves for the best graphics we’ve seen. I guess we’ll have to wait to actually see if they also manage to make the experience something I want to play. You know, because Ubisoft really needs to make games that I want to play. You can find the aforementioned press release, as well as a few screenshots of “The Forgotten Sands” below. I’m also going to post a video of clips from “So I Married An Axe Murderer” below that, because it’s Mrs. Mike’s favorite movie and today is her birthday. Happy Birthday babe & thanks for everything you do (which includes making sure I get off my butt and keep The Spin running)! Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

About the Game
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands for Wii is a new installment in the popular Prince of Persia series and presents a new adventure within the Sands of Time universe. After leaving his father’s kingdom to prove his worth, the Prince is drawn toward a mysterious realm. He quickly discovers that he must harness his acrobatic abilities and powers over the environment to not only survive, but to save a mystic palace from unfathomable evil. Game features include:

* Classic Gameplay Reinvented: By utilizing the Prince’s acrobatic prowess, players will be able to perform unparalleled feats from maneuvering through treacherous traps and combating massive enemies, to solving elaborate puzzles in an effort to survive.

* Create Your Own Path: The Prince will possess supreme mastery over his environment and enemies. By manipulating his power over sand, The Prince will uncover new areas to explore that will only be accessible by wielding his new powers, skills and abilities.

* Impressive Graphics for Wii: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands utilizes advanced technologies to deliver a smooth, clear and impressive graphical experience on Wii. With 15 hours of original storyline as well as alternate paths, secret areas and unlockables, The Forgotten Sands provides players with a significant adventure that rewards exploration and encourages replay ability.

* A Blockbuster Experience: Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands will treat players to a variety of unforgettable locales that complement the Wii’s unique controls and capabilities. Epic in-game moments aim to have fans on the edge of their seats as the Prince battles with ferocious beasts and colossal bosses.

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