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Rock Them Zombies Dead!!

If you’ve been following The Spin for any time at all you know that I have a bit of disdain towards music games. Whether it’s Guitar Hero 13: Creed edition, or Rock Band 58: Fall Out Boy, the market is absolutely saturated with the genre, and I for one am sick of it. Sure, I was excited about DJ Hero, but that was mainly because my beloved hip-hop was being shown some love. Thing is, that game kinda sucked. Well, maybe it didn’t suck as much as the learning curve was so steep that all the fun was sucked away Dyson style. (Side-note: That’s Dyson as in the vacuum maker. Mrs. Mike & I are convinced that a Dyson is the only vacuum worth buying even though it costs more than $200, and we have all wood floors. We do have a few rugs though, which really need to be vacuumed, problem is that we don’t have a vacuum because we’re convinced that a Dyson is the only one worth buying. It’s a bit of a dilemma in our household.) Forgive my digression…

Basically, what I was trying to say pre-vacuum rant followed by vacuum picture, was that I don’t really think the videogameoverse needs another music based game. (Side-note: Videogameoverse is my completely new and made up word for the universe that is videogames. Dibs.) Another genre that is getting near that played out line is zombies. Not that zombies are a genre or anything, but you get my drift. Let’s hope that the nail in the coffin for these two is, “Rock of the Dead”, Epicenter’s Zombie Killer meets Guitar Hero title. In the game you play your guitar to the beat and as you do, zombies die. Yeah, it’s original. I suppose it’s better than Guitar Band 17: Avril Lavigne… One of the best and most interesting parts of the title is that Doogie Howser himself is going to be voicing the lead character. For those of you who did not grow up in the 80’s and 90’s, Doogie Howser was a totally awesome show which starred Neil Patrick Harris as a child genius and doctor. (Side-note: Been a minute since we’ve had 3 side-notes… Anyway, we tried watching How I Met Your Mother the other week because Mrs. Mike is a massive Rachel Bilson fan, and we don’t get it. I mean, is it supposed to be funny or good or some combo of the two, or does it only rule the ratings because it’s on CBS and somehow every show they have wins it’s time slot. Seriously, they have a show with LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell, or Robin as I like to remember him, and I’m pretty sure it’s the most watched show on TV. We don’t watch CBS, they use janky cameras or something. Why does it look so washed out??) To sum up, “Rock of the Dead” is a music based zombie game where you kill the zombies Guitar Hero style, and there’s no licensed music in the game. Yeah….I’ll be skipping this one for sure. If you don’t want to be my mindless sheep, and think you can make up your own mind, then check out the gameplay videos below. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.