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The Wii Manifesto…

Today, it’s time for something completely different. If you journey way back to late 2006, you’ll recollect the frenzy that was the launch of the Wii & PS3, and the unofficial beginning of the next-gen wars. During those early days, everyone with a voice to be heard on the internet bombarded consumers with what they thought were the essential items that should be paired with your new console purchase. As you all know, we do things a bit backwards at The Spin; I like to mix it up a bit, like shake-n-bake. That, my friends, is why today, more than 3 years after the release of Ninty’s little console that could, I am going to tell you everything you need to get the most out of your Wii. I’d also like to give a special shout-out to my older sister and her ill-informed friends, who served up the delicious plate of inspiration for this post.

So, you got a Wii, now what? Yes, we’re starting this off with the assumption that you actually made the leap and bought a Wii. To be honest, the timing is right as the price is lower now, the devs have had time to get rid of the party-game craze, and Nintendo has some huge releases planned (or having just released). One of the first things you may ask is, what about controllers? The Wii comes with one nunchuck and one Wiimote. The rest is up to you, if you buy a Wiimote, you need to buy a nunchuck at the same time. If you can still find the WiiPlay bundle, you can get it as it basically gives you a free Wiimote, be warned, the games included are crap though. Now, pay attention to this bit, there’s this thing called WiiMotionPlus, which is awesome. You need to get that, it makes the Wii the best controlling game you’ll ever play, and I’m betting that sooner or later almost all games will make the add-on necessary. I suggest getting the sexy black Wiimote/WMP combo.

Now that you’ve got all the controllers you can handle, you may be asking yourself, “To HD or not to HD.” Let me put this in the simplest terms possible, the Wii will not show in HD. It will show in better than standard-def, but that’s it. To accomplish that, you need to purchase the Wii component cables. I suggest using monoprice, as you can get the cables for a fraction of the price, and they are exactly the same. (Side-note: I suggest monoprice for all your cable needs. Don’t let the moron at Best Buy convince you to buy $100 HDMI cables, get them for like $6 instead. And for the naysayers, I have both super-expensive and super-cheap HDMI in my house, and they’re exactly the same. Suck it.)

Okay, we’ve got our Wii, our extra controllers, and have even decided whether or not we want to spend the money for a slightly better looking experience. What the hell should you be playing? This is single-handedly the easiest, and the hardest question to answer. If you ask me, and you are asking me, I mean, you’re not actually asking me but you’ve read this far so you should just keep playing along, then I’d tell you it breaks down into three groups: Games for Everyone (kids, families, parents, teens, and 28 year old immature men will enjoy these), Games for Kids (if Billy the Ginger is bothering you, set him in front of these and he’ll be happy), and Games for Adults (for those of us who like our games with a bit of ultra-violence). For the sake of this article, I’ve excluded the Games for No One (any game with someone who would be considered a betty at any time during the 90’s) category. I’m running out of time, and missing Lost, so here’s my top 2 for each category:


New Super Mario Bros. - This game is an amazing title, and should be in everyone’s library.
WiiSports Resort - The evolution of WiiSports (which you get free with your initial Wii purhcase!), and it comes package with WMP, you really can’t beat that.


MySims: Agents - Really great game, will make them think and promote creativity/individuality through the customization aspects of the game.
Punch-Out - When I fell in love with this game it had Iron Mike Tyson in it, you’re kids can play it with waggle. We’re all winners!


No More Heroes (both of them!) - Yeah, I’m cheating a bit including them both, so what. If you want to play a game that’s cooler than a polar bear with ice skates on, Suda 51’s masterpieces are for you.
The Conduit - Best.Shooter.Ever. Yeah, I said it, and don’t you ever forget it. Agent Ford would drop a massive save on Master Chief. You owe it to yourself to get this game.

There you have it, everything you need to know if you are buying a Wii, or have one sitting in the corner getting dusty. Now, just for the hell of it, check out an amazing performance by Mos Def & The Roots. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.