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Getting All Ultraviolent w/Travis Touchdown…

I have played No More Heroes 2 and it is glorious. It is beyond glorious, it is stupidly awesome. With the risk of sounding politically incorrect, and to paraphrase Roxanne Shante, “Desperate Struggle” gets retarded. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but allow me to drop a little science about the opening scene of Suda 51’s magnum opus….(Side note: I really don’t care what I spoil, and for who, as you’ll find out in the following paragraph. That’s code for **SPOILER ALERT**.)

NMH2 starts off with a blood splashed rolling of the credits while a voice over gives a bit of background on Travis Touchdown’s life since he became the worlds greatest assassin. All of this leads into what may be the greatest way to save a game ever: dropping a save in the toilet. It’s awesome! After you drop the save off at the pool, Travis finds himself on a rooftop, “where his last killing spree began”, with the vengeful brother of one of his victims. I’m not even going to lie, it took me a minute to gather my bearings with the controls and I died twice before overcoming the battle. I will say one thing that could possibly sum up the amazing job Suda and his team have done, I never got mad at dying. I know it was only twice, but you and I both know that on the first level of a game that can be infuriating. Nope, not here. It made me want to play it more, not less. I wanted, nay I needed to have that connection with Travis, to have him shake his energy sword back to life, to have him exclaim “What the %&*@” as he got blasted in the back; it was all amazing. Then, once the battle was over and Travis was victorious, the beautiful Sylvia shows up to inform Travis he’s back in the game. She also promises him a 5 course meal she’ll serve up Yoga style, which is more than Travis can handle. Oh yeah, Travis’ recently decapitated victim comes back to life to promise vengeance before re-decaptitating himself. You cannot make this up, if you could you’d be Suda 51. And yes, it is as effing awesome as it sounds!!! Desperate Struggle is everything a game should be: fun, creative, and unique. It also adds two things I cherish in my video games: ultraviolence and cussing. Yes, I’m a deviant at heart and Travis Touchdown is my hero. If Tarantino made video games, he would make No More Heroes. If Tarantino plays video games, he plays No More Heroes. Basically, Suda and crew have served up a slice of BA pie with No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, and you should definitely have seconds. Below you’ll find the launch trailer for NMH2, as well as Roxanne Shante & Biz Markie throwing it down with “Def Fresh Crew”. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.