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Let’s Get Editorial…

That’s right folks, it’s about to get all editorial up in this beast! Yours truly is in quite a good mood this Friday evening, and it’s a bit refreshing. I’ve got this much left in school work left for the semester, which is outfreakingstanding. (Side note: When I said “this much left” I was physically holding up my hands and fingers in that way we all do when we’re “this close” or we “missed it by this much”. Just so you know.) It’s also been predicted that snow is going to fall on Atlanta tomorrow, and being from The Sunshine State, snow is always amazing to see. That’s all topped off by the fact that not only did The Stars & Bars get placed in a magical group for next June’s World Cup, but Manny Pacquiao aka The G.O.A.T is pretty much completely set to fight Floyd Money Mayweather on March 13. Man, I love Fridays. Before I get into the ranting, just wanna say I’m gonna leave the Lou Ferrigno Giveaway open until Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. The responses so far have been great, and I’m definitely jealous, which makes me sad and mad…. Anyway, I could end it now, but I’m vain and want to get more readers. There, I said it, now tell your friends to read the site for a chance to win Lou Ferrigno!!!

So, I just saw this special on ABC about old ladies who feel self-conscious about themselves to the point that they order pharmaceutical grade Botox & Chemical Peels for home use. The news show, Dateline or some other crap, was trying to make it seem the ladies were the victims here. Yes, the company that sold the drugs should be prosecuted, but the women are morons. They are the victims of stupidity, and that’s it. If they’d stop reading Marie Claire or Elle or Cosmopolitan or watching E! News all the time, they’d be able to get away from the very thing that makes them feel self-conscious. Those magazines should be prosecuted for having a skinny young woman on the cover (who is airbrused to be even MORE attractive than they are), while having articles like “Best Jeans for ANY body”, that translates to “Best Jeans for You, Fatty”. It’s infuriating in the same way people blaming videogames and the internet for kids being violent or acting out is. (Side note: You gotta love how I am just now incorporating videogames, 400 words into the article…) Yes, if a kid plays GTA or MadWorld or The Conduit 8-10 hours a day, they’re probably going to be messed up. The same thing would happen if they played ANY game 8-10 hours a day instead of going outside. I don’t know about you guys, but when I was younger we managed to do both. Swim team and Nintendo. Little League and Blades of Steel. Instead of worrying if little Timmy is going to be a psychopath, maybe you should worry about him becoming Fat Timmy. I could do all sorts of research here and come with factual information, but you guys know that’s not how I roll…I’d imagine that since say, like 1990 when videogames really started becoming household items, the percentage of obesity in the country on a whole has risen 61%. (Side note: I actually did research that, the next part may be a little fishy though…) With that statistic, one could gather that obesity in kids has reached epidemic status with over 57% of American children considered obese. The fatty scale has been turned up to 11. So, let’s stop blaming the internet, television, and videogames for people being lazy and stupid. Take the controller out of your child’s hand, cancel your wife’s subscription to US Weekly, and enjoy time together outside, or inside but do something together. You may find out that you actually like each other. Okay, that’s what I have, so I’m going to leave you with a video preview of what may be the bloodiest game of all time, Super Meat Boy, because a bit of the ultra-violence never hurt anyone. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

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