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So, You Wanna Be A Rapper…

There’s only two days left in 2009. Is there even any need for me to attempt putting the ridiculousness of that statement into words? I suppose I could trump it by saying not only are there two days left in ‘09, but two days left in the first decade of the 21st century. If I [...]

The Spin’s 2010 Wish List!!!

I don’t know if there’s an official term for the post-Christmas hangover that everyone suffers, but there should be. I’ll even say that the person who thinks of such a term should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and pre-nominate the hero that does just that. Is [...]

The Spin’s Worst Post of 2009…

Now, now my little babies, do not let the title of this post cause you distress. I promise I’m going to try to make this as enjoyable as possible. Approximately 24 hours ago I informed you all that today was going to be dedicated to the worst games of 2009. I’ve been debating how I [...]

WiiSpin’s Most Hyped of 2010!!

When we last met the discussion centered around Agent Ford and the brilliance that was The Conduit. To be specific, I honored the game and the game studio by naming it The Spin’s Game of the Year. If you follow ancient Chinese philosophy, and who doesn’t, then you should know that there must be balance. [...]

WiiSpin’s Game of the Year 2009!!!

Alright boys and girls, we are at that time of year. The time when we look back at the year that was. I have to say, 2009 was actually a pretty great year for yours truly. I decided to take control of mind and body. I lost a massive amount of weight, probably like a [...]

Lego My Harry Potter….

Okay, we’re going to make this short and sweet. Mainly because I’m about to start making a celebratory dinner. This dinner is to celebrate that I’m done with finals, and that means classes. I have this severe aversion to classes, it’s almost like an allergy, so for them to be done with for a bit [...]

Lou Ferrigno vs. Travis Touchdown!!

You know that feeling you have when you’re in the pre-flu stages? Where you feel like there’s this mist inside your brain and it’s slowly leaking out? Yeah, I’ve got that like really bad right now. The worst part is the sneezing. I have these fits where I rattle off 7 or 8 massive sneezes [...]

Let’s Get Editorial…

That’s right folks, it’s about to get all editorial up in this beast! Yours truly is in quite a good mood this Friday evening, and it’s a bit refreshing. I’ve got this much left in school work left for the semester, which is outfreakingstanding. (Side note: When I said “this much left” I was physically [...]