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This week is Thanksgiving week. It’s the week of turkey, potatoes, pecan (that’s can like can of beer not khan like the dude who had a wrath…) pie, overwhelming relatives, Detroit Lions football, ridiculous shopping and all things that make America the greatness that it is. As for me and Mrs. Mike, we won’t be going home this holiday, it’s just too much. The timing is not good, mainly because we’re pretty sure our fridge is about to die. It may have something to do with all the water that came out of it the past two days. It’s cold now, and seems to be working, but still, it can’t be good that that happened. The worst part is that it’d cost like $100+ to get some guy out here to look at it and maybe fix what happened, we might as well just buy a new one. Yeah, that’s what happens when you buy a house, you get to buy refrigerators. Who the eff wants to buy a refrigerator?? Not me, that’s for sure…

Right about now you may be asking yourself, “New Wiimote, what’s he on about?” Well, I’ll tell you. About a week or so ago I got an email from a lovely gentleman named Cake. (Side note: Swear to God that’s the dudes name. Unless it’s one of those nicknames that stuck so good that he’s officially Cake now. Kinda like OchoCinco. My dad has one of those, his name is George but his familly calls him Billy. Don’t ask, just know that I was almost George IV, so I could be Billy Jr. Wow…) Anyway, Cake is with a company called UltraSaves and they make some custom Wiimotes and asked if I’d like to test ‘em out and talk about the joys they were sure to bring. Who am I to refuse an offer from a guy named Cake? (Side note: That could be a follow-up to A Boy Named Sue) So, a few days later the custom wiimotes arrived at my doorstep. UltraSaves makes a red and a blue ‘mote, and both of them are very nicely done. Cake & Co. use the same guts that Ninty uses and the bodies are exactly the same as well. The only difference really is the color. They’ve kitted the red model with a red backlight underneath the A button (the blue one is blue, duh!), as well as red lights for the controller number indicators. The backlight for the A button is a bit dim, but it’s nothing that takes away from the look or feel of them. They play exactly the same as the official Ninty model, the one drawback is that the red seems to have one little loose piece or something as you hear it rattling around when you really get your waggel going. This is probably something that happened during shipping, as the packaging is a bit lacking. UltraSaves told me that the packaging is just where they are now financially speaking, but they hope to get all official once these units start flying out their doors. Again, Mrs. Mike didn’t even really notice the sound so it’s not that bad. The one flaw that I find in the whole wiimote is the strap. It’s the exact same strap, but it doesn’t have the locking bit that Ninty’s do. With all the drama that came with faulty straps during the Wii’s formative years, I hope that UltraSaves will right this wrong. Other than that, I love new controllers, and they really compliment each other as well as the white standards. So, if you’re feeling like adding some flair to your Wii look up UltraSaves and order up one of their Custom Wiimotes, which are available now for $36.99. You’ll find some pics of them just below. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

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5 Responses to “Feeling All Patriotic Like…(and new Wiimote review!!)”  

  1. 1 Pimp My Nintendo

    Happy Thanksgiving WiiSpin!
    Did something get spilled on the remotes or is that just the glare of the camera?

  2. 2 Mike W

    That’s my super-mack camera effect. You don’t like?!?!

  3. 3 Download Wii Games

    Thanks for the review!

  4. 4 ruth weera

    This is another interesting addition to the wii kingdom. A remote for the most high tech game console. Thanks you for the review.

  5. 5 Nintendo Wii Player

    Great review.

    How cute, “patriotic” Wii Remotes! That’s nice. I’ve also seen a black wii remote, but aren’t those very rare?