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The Mouse Is Kinda B.A….

Things may be getting back to normal for yours truly. Today my co-worker returned from his honeymoon, which meant today I returned to the schedule I’m meant to keep. Yes, it was horrible waking up at 6am, especially since Roxy decided to let us know in the most obnoxious way possible that she needed to go outside. She got in a bit of trouble the day before for deciding she could go in the bathroom. I can see her logic, we go in there and all. Honestly, it may be a bit confusing to her. To all dogs in fact. Imagine if you lived with someone, and they also went to the bathroom in the same room, but then when you followed their lead you got yelled at. Man, I’d be stressed all the time. I wouldn’t know where to eat, sleep, play, or anything. It’d be exhausting. Oh my God! That’s why she sleeps all the time. It’s the stress. Anyway, I got off in time to see Mrs. Mike with some sunshine left, and we even got to go to the gym together. Oh, we even had time to run to Target and get Halloween candy. Now that we have the candy sorted, another dilemma has arisen. How are we supposed to get the candy to the kids? I know they come and ask for it, but then what? Do I let them just grab a handful or do I give them a couple of pieces? How much should each kid get? Can I have two bowls, one for the cute kids with good costumes and one for the gingers?? So many questions….I guess we’ll find out Saturday.

Something we don’t have to wait on anymore is, Epic Mickey. Wait, we still have to wait. It’s not out yet or anything. Sorry, did I get your hopes up? My bad… What I mean is, we don’t have to wait for an “official” announcement from Disney about the game. You know, the same game that I’ve written about twice, and has been featured in a major gaming magazine. I guess it’s not official until Disney says so. I kind of resent that. I’m not “official” enough for Walt and his gang of hoodlums??!?! How dare I say! Yeah…so today they announced the game and we learned a bit more about Warren Spector’s next title. Basically, the game is going to be about how Oswalt (Disney’s first cartoon character) starts to hate Mickey for stealing the spotlight and the betties (or Minnies). They also shared the fact that the Wiimote will be a paintbrush that Mickey uses to shape the world around him. I don’t know about all that, but I’m definitely feeling the artistic style of the game, as well as the awesome slide show that GameTrailers put together of the released art. Epic Mickey is set for a Fall 2010 release, which is really far off. Who knows what changes the game will see in that time, just know that you can count on reading about them here. Then wait for a bit before Disney makes it “official”. You don’t have to wait anymore for that awesome montage I was talking about earlier though. It’ll be just below. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.