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It’s The Game, I’m The DJ…

We’re at T-minus four days until Halloween and the house of Mike is candyless. I think we’re trying to convince ourselves that kids won’t come to our house expecting. Honestly though, I think they will. Thing is, when you buy a new house, and it’s your first house, you may not have top choice in neighborhood. This is especially true when you refuse to live in the suburbs. Mrs. Mike and I both work, and play, in Atlanta. There’s no need whatsoever to live outside of the city. So, this narrows down options quite a bit. It’s not like we live in the trap or hood or whatever you may want to call it, but we’re also not surrounded by million dollar houses. Where am I going with this?? Oh yeah, safety. Living in not the most amazing of neighborhoods, you want to feel as safe as possible. One way to do this is lighting. Luckily the guys we bought our house from felt the same way. There’s scheduled lighting on the front porch, and the front side of the house. What all this adds up to is a house that is fairly welcoming to young kids and trick-or-treaters. No kid is gonna be intimated stepping to the door. Even if Roxy decides to wake from her hourly nap and bark, it’s not scaring them off. What I’m trying to say is, what kind of candy should I get?

I want to preface this part of the article by voicing my wish that the DJ Jazzy Jeff reference in the title was caught before this sentence. I also should share that, yes, Jeff is still doing big things in hip-hop. In fact, if you head to OkayPlayer you can find his latest mixtape with The King MJ, “He’s The King, I’m the DJ”. It’s kind of hot fire. Something else that is apparently hot fire is DJ Hero. I wrote about this game briefly before, but mainly gushed about the artists involved and the copious amounts of music based games. I’ve yet to play DJ Hero yet, and I don’t know if I ever will. I can’t see me buying it. After that original piece, Mrs. Mike and I rented The Beatles: RockBand. The Beatles made amazing music, and the game could be amazing for some, just not us. Music that’s good to listen to does not necessarily make it good to play. That experience pretty much convinced me that there’s no way I’m going to drop $100+ for DJ Hero. (Side note: I have no idea if that’s how much it costs, but I’d imagine it is something like that.) If I bought it the plastic tables would just collect dust and that would make me sad. I can’t do that to a game that includes Shadow, Jeff, Flash, Daft, Z-Trip, J. Period, Cut Chemist, and countless other legends. What I can do, is show you this awesome montage IGN made of some of their favorite tracks. I can also wish/wonder if there’s a way to get the soundtrack of this game without the game. Maybe I should look into that. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.