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Travis Touchdown In The House!!

So, I’m not sure if you guys are aware that Mrs. Mike and I have a pet dog. Her name is Roxy and she’s got to be the weirdest dog ever. Mrs. Mike likes to imagine she was raised by cats because all she does is sleep. She sleeps, eats, and uses the bathroom. She doesn’t like to play, and doesn’t really care how much attention she gets. Sometimes I think she’d prefer it if we weren’t around. Typically, we leave her in the kitchen while we are at work during the day. She doesn’t care, her bed is in there and there’s no one to give her any attitude. But today, I forgot to close the door to the kitchen so she had free roam of the entire house. I know with some dogs that could be a disaster, but not Roxy. There were no scenes reminiscent of the beginning of Home Alone when Kevin realizes he’s alone for the first time. Nope, I bet all she did was sleep. Her way of living dangerously may have been to sleep on the couch, or under the ottoman which is on the rug that she’s not allowed on. Honestly, I bet she stayed in the kitchen, in her bed all day, not even caring the door was open. It’s really kind of awesome if you ask me. Of course, you didn’t ask me, but you’re the reader and I’m the writer. I think we know who’s in charge here….

I’m really not in charge, that would be Mrs. Mike. I’ve got no problem with that, I think if you ask any married man he’d say the same, at least if he was being honest. You know who’s probably in charge no matter where they go? Travis Touchdown. The energy-sword wielding punk-rock loving assassin may be the most badass character in any game. Like Ever. Maybe even more BA than CJ representin’ Grove Street. If Tempelton Peck, Han Solo and Beatrix Kiddo were somehow able to make a baby, they’d make Travis Touchdown. That’s right, your boy just went there. As we all know Suda 51 (who I like to imagine is a real life version of Travis) has said that Desperate Struggle will be the final No More Heroes on the Wii. He’s also said that he’s not finished with Nintendo and Mr. Touchdown could one day make a triumphant return. All I know is: I want No More Heroes 2. I want it now. I want to be playing it right now instead of talking about it. I want to have way more of the game to share with you than the latest trailer. Unfortunately, I don’t. But, the trailer really is awesome. I mean, it’s Travis-Mothereffin’-Touchdown, how could it not be?!? Well, it’s actually Henry, but he looks like he’s pretty BA as well. If you don’t believe me, just watch it and prepare to have your mind blown. You should also be prepared for an onslaught of Post-TravisTouchdown-Depression since we all have to wait until January 28 to get our hands on what I’m going to go ahead and label, “Best. Wii. Game. Ever.” That’s right, I went there twice. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

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