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Mario & Luigi Gettin’ Their New On!!

If you are anything like me you will always smile fondly on Wayne’s World. The skit that featured Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) turned into a movie that was loved by any teenage boy who saw it. Think about it, the movie not only gave a whole generation of prepubescent teens Bohemian Rhapsody and Tia Carrera, but we also got the term “Psycho-Hose Beast”. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is the one that has Garth adjusting the controls on his Cyborg/Robot hand and dryly delivering the line, “We fear change.” He then proceeds to bludgeon the hand to death. It was comedy gold. That line strikes a nerve as well. We do fear change. Maybe not fear as much as dread, despise, loathe, and just generally hate. Take for instance the change that comes with a complete schedule overhaul because your co-worker is taking off for two weeks. This isn’t merely a slightly different shift, it’s completely different in every possible way. I am now getting home at like 8pm every night and everything is just thrown off. It’s like some sort of weird twilight zone or something. May whole world is twist turned upside down. I’m kind of like the Fresh-Prince of Bel-Air. Just don’t ask me to get jiggy with it.

Since we’re riding the retro train down memory lane, let’s join our dear old friends Mario & Luigi. You know, Luigi never got enough credit if you ask me. Sure, he’s kind of an idiot and always getting stuck in trees or castles or whatever, but I bet he’s the cooler of the two brothers. I’m just sayin’, if I had the choice to kick it with one of the two, I’m picking Luigi every day. Maybe that’s just me though. One thing’s for sure, Nintendo is not letting go of Luigi and his older brother. Luigi is younger, right? Who cares, it doesn’t matter, I’m saying he’s younger so that’s that. The daring duo are going all old school on us in the upcoming, New Super Mario Bros. If you remember, this is a game that was first shown at E3 and it looks great! It’s also the first Mario game that will support 4-player co-op. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you of the awkwardness that was Cammie and Reggie showing that off. NSMB is moving away from the formula that gave us the instant classic Galaxy, and returning to its 2D roots. The game looks like a better looking Mario 3 (Mrs. Mike’s all time favorite game, btw) with waggle. I’m almost positive it doesn’t get any better than that. In fact, I’m going to make it my mission to convince you of the same thing. I’ll start by posting up the newest trailer and then finish it up with a couple brand-spanking new gameplay videos. I’m too kind. New Super Mario Bros. is set for a Nov. 15 release date, so it’ll be out in time to distract you all from the joys of being surrounded by an overwhelming family come Thanksgiving. God, I can’t wait for some freaking turkey. I’ll take mine sans the family though. You’ll find the glory that is New Mario in video form below. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.

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  1. 1 Prince_Porter

    This game looks absolutely awesome. This may actually be the next great 2D Mario game, I’m just hoping they go a little hard on the difficulty for the later levels, especially since new games have been suffering easy gameplay lately. Thanks for sharing the trailer, looking forward to it.

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