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Well Then…SimAnimals: Africa

Okay, it’s been a minute. And that whole “Week In Preview” bit I had planned for last week kind of died. There’s been technical difficulties here at The Spin though. By technical difficulties I mean my mom came into town last Thursday. This wouldn’t be such a big deal except for the fact that the bed we bought came in on Wednesday, which means I spent all Wednesday night taking apart one bed, assembling another, and then re-assembling the first bed in our guest room. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Oh, and then I had friends come into town Friday after my mom left, and they have a baby. That means that all your time is spent Ooohhing and Aaahing for the cuteness that is the baby. The best part of all of this is that during this time we were getting ridiculous amounts of rain and on Monday my beloved Atlanta was under siege with flood waters. It was really kinda scary. It reminded me of that movie with Christian Slater and Morgan Freeman where it never stopped raining. Don’t ask me the name of that movie, I’m sure you could google that exact phrase and find the answer. Oh, and my laptop finally died. Except it didn’t. It just decided that it didn’t like me, Mrs. Mike, or any of its drivers, pretty much cutting itself off from the world and leaving me no choice but to completely restore everything. Unfortunately, it’s taken like two days to get that sorted as well as get everything back on it and get it updated to a stable state. You’ve gotta love Vista. Let’s lighten things up with a crazy ass picture of Six Flags underwater before we dive into the Wii.

Six Flags

So, with my PC dying it took my iPod with it, and if you paid attention last week you’d know that I had all my notes from the EA trip on the Touch. Yeah, not my brightest moment. Luckily, my memory is like an elephant. If said elephant had the memory of a 28 year old guy with a kind of okay memory. Anyway, let’s talk about SimAnimals: Africa for a moment. I’m not even going to discuss the DS version other than to say that for some reason it has more animals than the Wii version at 13, with Wii rocking 9 (those numbers are guestimates. Yes, I made that word up. Dibs.). Yeah, in Africa they only have 9 animals apparently, or 13 at most. I guess after the massive success of the original SimAnimals, the producers wanted to make SA2 more of a “game” so they’ve added magical elements to the “game”. The purpose of the game is to restore balance to dried up/dead areas of Africa and you find out how/where to do this from Totem Gods. The reason you are doing this is because a parrot found an egg in the jungle and believes that a parrot God will be born from it who will make everything just wonderful for everyone, especially the parrots I’d assume. **SPOILER** In the end a dinosaur comes out of the egg. **SPOILER** (Side note: Why the hell did I put spoiler up? Did I think the people reading this post thought before hand, “I really hope Mike doesn’t tell us what happens at the end of the game. If he does I’m going to be so mad!!”?? It’s been a rough week….) If you’re confused, welcome to the club. The game made no sense at all to me. The character is the giant “Sim Hand” and you have to make friends with the animals. Or at least get them to like you. This is done by satisfying their moods and playing games with them. Once an animal likes him, you can shove him into your bag and take him somewhere he’ never been and drop him off. (Side note: I made that sound waycooler than it actually is.) During the game certain animals can do things to help the world advance: elephants can water, rhinos can dig for water holes, zebras can knock down plants, and the crocs and lions eat them all. I guess the predators are for population control, but I’m not sure how much of a problem that is in the game as by the time it got to where I’d ask that question I was too damned confuse to understand what it was I wanted to know. The game looked graphically okay, but it’s not my cup of tea at all. Mainly because of the super confusing concept. Nevertheless, if you want to see the game in action be sure to check out the debut trailer below. As always, enjoy and stay thirsty my friends.

2 Responses to “Well Then…SimAnimals: Africa”  

  1. 1 Chaos Time

    Clearly you are not the target audience

  2. 2 Mike W

    That may be, but I’m sure the producer of SimAnimals would tell you that the game is for everyone…