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EA & Me…

So, if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to, and want an explanation for a lack of posting the past two days I have one. It’s a good one, some would say it’s a doozy in fact. But, you’re going to have to be okay with the cliffs notes version for now. Right now I am in a conference at the Redwood Campus of EA (yes, that EA). How I got here is beyond me. I don’t mean that in the “I may have been drugged and dropped here” or the “I have no idea what I did last night but for some reason I’m here” way, I mean it more in the, “I’m not sure why EA decided to invite me to their event” type of way. The event I’m at is EA’s Play Label Blogger’s Day (I’m pretty sure that’s the official name, it could be something completely different in which case I apologize to Angie & Rachel @ EA for screwing up the name). What it is is a chance for the Play Label, the label which houses The Sims family and many other more “casual” games, to show bloggers some of their upcoming titles. We’ve gotten hands on with My Sims:Agents (which looks totally freaking awesome), Nerf 2: N-Strike Elite (also really amazing and much more impressive than I thought), SimAnimals:Africa (looks good, not sure it’s my cup of tea thought, Spore Hero (reserving judgment, but it looks amazing), and some DSi titles (Spore Hero Arena and SimAnimals Africa). Oh, and by hands on I mean I’ve played them. There’s not tons of time right now to put it all on blast for you guys, but I promise it’s coming. Apart from dealing with time difference, missing work (which means I have work to do while away), school, and dealing with homesickness (side note: I hate not sleeping in the same bed with my wife. Seriously. It’s the worst. In the 8 years we’ve been together there haven’t been too many times where we’ve had to, and this was the first since before we got married. I need to figure out a way to have her with me at all times. Maybe we could get Siamese twinned [that's where you get put together. Yeah, I made that up] or something like that…), I’ve also been figuring out how I was going to do this. I’ve got some big plans, and tons to report on all I’ve seen, and there really is a lot. So, stay tuned because it will all start going up tonight once I get back to the hotel. But, since I would feel guilty leaving you without giving you something first, check out the trailer for My Sims Agents, which is the best all around thing I’ve seen so far. Enjoy, and stay thirsty my friends.