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THE Trilogy…

I want to get something out of the way right now: there is only one trilogy that will ever matter and that is Star Wars (Episodes IV-VI). It is the one trilogy to rule them all. Even with Ewoks there is absolutely no way that any trilogy will ever be able to top it. There will never be a more important three-part story told. EVER. You can throw all the Frodo’s at me you want, they won’t matter. Yes, Lord of the Rings is epic, and Peter Jackson did an outstanding job bringing Tolkien’s world to life. But, Peter Jackson is no George Lucas. Legolas is no Han Solo. Han had the most BA line delivery in the history of film. He’s been captured by Boba Fett, betrayed by Lando Calrissian, and is about to be lowered into the carbonite to be frozen. Leia looks at him and tells him she loves him. His response? “I know.” Hands down, the most epic line of any movie ever. EVER EVER. Yes, that deserved double-capped-and-bolded evers. I mean, this was Princess Leia we’re talking about here, the ultimate space betty. Han’s not even fazed by her confession, he knew all along. Dude was so BA that knowing he was about to be frozen solid to be used as an accessory in a bar didn’t even matter to him. Cold. As. Ice.

So, I think we can all agree that “THE Trilogy” I speak of in the title is not Star Wars. What I’m talking about is The Metroid Prime Trilogy. The very same one that is now available to buy. That’s right, it’s on store shelves right now. Of course, it’s 11:00pm as I’m typing this, but you may not live on the East Coast. (Side note: I think instead of it being GMT+/- for all time zones, it should be EST+/-, when I become Czar of Whatever I’m making that happen.) Anyway, the game which features three of Nintendo’s best games in recent memory is ready and waiting for you. Which means that Samus Aran is ready and waiting for you. Which, coincidentally, is probably many a fanboys fantasy. The game (should it be games??) looks amazing and the work that Retro Studios put in to update Prime and Echoes pays dividends. You know what, I’m exhausted (yes, I know I can’t ride the “I’m tired” train for much longer, but gimme a break!), so I’ll let the developers do the talking. You know the drill, watch the video below, enjoy and stay thirsty my friends.

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