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A Return to Form…

I don’t even know where to begin. I could start off by complaining about how much of a pain moving is. How it’s made even more difficult when you decided living in a 3rd floor apartment for three years was a good idea. Or, I could harp on about the unexpected costs of purchasing your first home. Like, how when you buy a home with a Koi Pond, and you know absolutely nothing about Koi ponds and you’ve never even owned a fish tank, getting someone to come and show you what is what, which is pretty much 100% necessary, costs a couple hundred bucks, and that’s not even to fix any problems but to tell you what the problems are. I also could come at you with the headaches caused by Comcast and hoping that your television is setup correctly even though you don’t have any time to watch TV (side note: I’m pretty sure I was like 48 hours late on the whole Favre is back thing. Seriously.), and the worrying over the TV causes you to completely forget about the internet, leaving that to float off in space somewhere while you’re cut off from the world. Then there’s the fact that I’m basically living out of boxes because, being geniuses, we decided not to bring our old beat up dresser and for some reason were under the impression that we’d somehow manage the time to go and buy one. But, I won’t do that to you. Not upon my triumphant return. It wouldn’t be fair to drag you into my world of hurt that is boxes, chores beyond belief, shrinking wallets, badly needed haircuts, stressed out dog who is afraid of the yard for some reason, an ever expanding “To-Do” list that I don’t even have the tools “To-Do” (side note: I know I’m all man and that, but living in an apartment you just don’t need wrenches, hammers, and pliers. We used a Dremel with saw attachment to remove something that could have easily been done with a grip wrench [I used google to make sure that's what it was really called].), and all the other joys that I’ve experienced since we last spoke. Nope. I won’t do that to you. That’s how much I love you.

Gamescom 2009. It was last week. In case you hadn’t picked up on it, I wasn’t there. I didn’t even get invited. I know, right. Anyway, Gamescom was dominated by Sony and Microsoft for the most part. I say most part, even though it’s almost entirely. Nintendo didn’t even bother showing up to the event. You could look at this as extreme confidence, or lack of anything to show. You know me, I like to keep The Spin as upbeat and positive as possible, so there’s no way I’m going to say that Ninty has nothing new for us. Nope, they’re just so confident that they’ll finally kill at E3 next year, even though the past two years have bordered on kinda pathetic, that they’re gonna hit us then. Yes, I know E3 is almost a year away. But, we’ve already pointed out how time flies… Anyway, even though The Big N decides to sit out the convention in Cologne, Germany (you think it smells good there? Not in the convention center but the town itself. I bet it does.), there were some Wii games presented by their respective developers. The most notable of course was Red Steel 2 from Ubisoft. I’ve already gone on and on and on about how awesome RS2 is going to be, so there’s really no need to regurgitate the facts for you. Ah, what the hell, it’s been a week since I’ve seen you! I’ll keep it short though….

Basically, Red Steel 2 is the most hyped, anticipated, and dreamt about Wii game that we’ve seen. Ever. The reason for the hype is because of the basic crapfest that was the original Red Steel. That game showcased everything that was wrong with the Wii at the time. The graphics were subpar and the controls were horrible. This may have been acceptable if Ubi and Ninty hadn’t sold us on how amazing it was going to play and feel. Well, we’re letting the Frenchies at Ubisoft Paris sell us that Kool-Aid all over again. In fact, not only are we buying the Kool-Aid, it’s getting to a point where we may be begging for it. Do not front, you guys know you are jonesin’ for Red Steel 2 just as much as I am. I want this game so much I can completely blackout and forget the fact that I’ve already been disappointed by it since Ubi has already pushed it back and without good reason. Yeah, I want it that much. I want it so much in fact that watching the developer walkthrough and trailer that came out of Gamescom is almost painful. Me being the uber-nice and loving guy that I am, I have to share the pain with all of you. As always, enjoy and stay thirsty my friends.

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