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Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy!!

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I brought you the magic that is Daisy Fuentes Pilates, and I am sad to announce that Ms. Fuentes’ run at the top may be short lived. It seems that Ubisoft wants to worm its way into the “let’s market a fitness game using former models/sex-symbols” genre that Sega and Daisy have a stranglehold on. The French publishers just announced “Your Shape w/Jenny McCarthy” which will be released later this fall. That’s right, the same Jenny McCarthy that stole our heart from the pages of Playboy and the TV show “Singled Out” will soon be available as your own personal work-out buddy. Don’t ask me why they chose to go with buddy as opposed to trainer, maybe to keep it quirky since that’s one of the things that made Jenny stand out. BTW, did you guys know she’s dating Jim Carrey? Seriously, Ace Ventura’s got game! Anyway, the blonde beauty isn’t the only thing that Ubisoft are bringing to the table, they’ve also developed a camera that uses its proprietary motion tracking tech. Basically, put the camera in place, turn the game on and get going. You’ll notice I made no mention of a controller there. That’s because you don’t need one. The camera will do what cameras do (film), and then input the image of your body into the game. Using this image it will then assess your fitness level and then pair you up with Jenny to get started molding an all new you. If you ask me, Ubisoft has thrown down the gauntlet. Not only are they giving us a former Playmate of the Year, but they’ve developed a camera that could, I’d imagine, be used in other games. There’s no reason to think that YSWJM will be the only title that can utilize the peripheral, so this is very exciting. Now, don’t get too excited you pervs. Even though Ms. McCarthy is pushing 40 years old and is now a mother and activist for autism, once you watch the trailer for “Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy” it’s not hard to remember why we loved her in the first place, she’s definitely still got it. YSWJM, I’m gonna go ahead and call dibs on that acronym by the way, will be released sometime later this year and will be bundled with the JennyCam (dibs) for $59.99. The fact that I mentioned Jenny McCarthy and Daisy Fuentes within the title and first sentence of the post means that you’re ready for the trailer, so check below. Enjoy and stay thirsty my friends.