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Archive for August, 2009

Let’s Get Competitive…

During our time together we’ve touched on many different subjects. You’ve learned a lot about me, and I’ve enjoyed sharing. Although, at times it does make me feel a bit cheap. I know so little of you… But, that is neither here nor there, and certainly a conversation for another time. While I write here [...]

THE Trilogy…

I want to get something out of the way right now: there is only one trilogy that will ever matter and that is Star Wars (Episodes IV-VI). It is the one trilogy to rule them all. Even with Ewoks there is absolutely no way that any trilogy will ever be able to top it. There [...]

A Return to Form…

I don’t even know where to begin. I could start off by complaining about how much of a pain moving is. How it’s made even more difficult when you decided living in a 3rd floor apartment for three years was a good idea. Or, I could harp on about the unexpected costs of purchasing your [...]

A Hard Day’s Night…

Okay guys, I know I said last week that there would be changes and structure and all that good stuff going on around here. Well, I swear I wasn’t lying to you. It’s just that things right now are ridiculously hectic. As we speak I am surrounded by boxes that are full of all my [...]

Turtles, Rabbids and Michael Vick!!

I want to start off today by letting you know that there’s going to be some changes to Wiispin in the coming weeks and months. I know, we fear change, but I hope it’s change for good. Like that good old fashioned Obama change. The changes aren’t going to affect you guys at all, at [...]

Your Shape with Jenny McCarthy!!

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I brought you the magic that is Daisy Fuentes Pilates, and I am sad to announce that Ms. Fuentes’ run at the top may be short lived. It seems that Ubisoft wants to worm its way into the “let’s market a fitness game using former models/sex-symbols” [...]

Spyborgs & Save Info!!

Today was not the best of days for yours truly. It wasn’t especially bad, except for the fact that the US lost to Mexico. Again. It’s sad the way they completely dominate us when we play in Mexico City. For those who are joining us for the first time I’m talking about football (soccer), and [...]


I was talking to someone today about the Wii, a co-worker in fact. He’s really into videogames, like really into them. He takes his PSP out when his family goes to dinner, as does his son and wife, and they play while waiting for dinner. This guy’s got to be around 40 years old, and [...]