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Daisy Fuentes Pilates!!

I don’t know about you guys, but there are some things that I am extra particular about. Things that when they happen, or don’t happen, I get annoyed to a point that verges on anger. Some people call them pet peeves, but I don’t like that phrase. What the hell does it mean? Peeves is like angry, I get that, but where does pet come in? I like my pet, almost all of the time. I never like being annoyed, so that phrase doesn’t work. We need to come up with a new one. By we, I mean you guys need to because I’m more than happy to just call them things that really annoy me, and then correct people when they call it a pet peeve. Anyway, one of the things that bothers me the most is punctuality. I hate being late, and I hate it when others are late. Like, when you call and ask a contractor to meet you at the house you are buying to check out the driveway and they say they will meet you at 3:30 only you wait there until 4:15 and never even get a courtesy call, even as late as 9:00pm. Yeah, that bothers me a whole lot. In fact, it really burns my bottom, it’s that serious. There’s just no excuse for that sort of rudeness. Especially when I was going to pay the people to fix the driveway!! WTF?!?

So, now that we’ve all vented I think we deserve a pick-me-up. During our time together I’ve shared with you several important aspects of childhood from Transformers to Star Wars, some of the things that helped shape little Mike into the man you’ve come to love, or like, or at least tolerate. Well, there’s something else that was a part of my childhood that is getting a new lease on life in game form. Actually, I should say someone. Back in the day, when MTV was more than The Hills and pregnant teenagers, they used to actually be centered around music and things that revolved around music, like fashion. They needed people to talk to us about the music, introduce the videos, interview the singers, and the basic things you’d expect them to talk about. One of the most popular of these “VJ’s” was Daisy Fuentes. Ahh, Daisy. She was the bomb. It didn’t matter if it was House of Style, MTV Spring Break, Totally Fit w/Daisy, or the Rock-N-Jock Softball games, she had my heart for a decent chunk of my adolescence. I know that I’m not the only one that was enamored with the Cuban born model. She was like the original Eva Mendes, only better.

Did you think that GI Joe, Ghostbusters, and Transformers would be the only childhood loves to make a comeback on the Wii? Wrong. That’s right, the lovely Daisy Fuentes is coming to the console to teach pilates with Daisy Fuentes Pilates. They should have just called it Daisy Fuentes. That would have been enough. I say that knowing there is no way I will buy this game. I don’t do pilates. I went to a class once with my wife and it hurt. I just hope it doesn’t hurt Daisy because that would make me sad. While I won’t be buying, or even playing this game, I’ll definitely post the trailers and whatever other videos I can find for your enjoyment. By your enjoyment I mostly mean mine. I mean, it’s Daisy Freaking Fuentes!!! If the release of this game could somehow coincide with a Parker Lewis Can’t Lose reunion and a 21 Jump Street marathon, I think I would die. I won’t die before I watch the trailer for Daisy Fuentes Pilates, which releases exclusively for the Wii on August 4th. I just noticed that the price was only $29.99, maybe I could get this as a gift for my wife… Enjoy the trailer.