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Silent Hill:Shattered Memories

After what has probably been the most stressful two or three weeks of my life, the deed is done and we’ve bought a house. It’s a bit ridiculous how deciding to pay some one hundreds of thousands of dollars has actually made me feel relaxed. It may have something to do with the fact that I won’t be homeless come September. Yeah, that may be it. Of course, now I have to pack, send in change of address forms, transfer bills, pay a mortgage, mow a lawn….maybe I shouldn’t relax just yet.

Some people enjoy tense situations, and are even known to seek them out. Take, for instance, people who like horror movies, they want to be scared. The same can be said for people who play horror videogames. To me, if the game is done right it has the potential to be even scarier than a movie, since you are the one controlling the action. There are a lot of developers and studios who have put out games that they hope will scare the crap out of the player, some of them work, some not so much. One of the franchises that has been on both sides of that spectrum is Silent Hill. The first game or two in the series were intensely terrifying. The feel of being lost in a haunted town, complete with a horrifying hospital, was a new experience for gamers, and one that we loved. After those two the series kind of fell off, in my opinion at least. The games just didn’t feel as original as the…original (it’s early ok!). Well, Konami looks to start all over again by bringing the franchise to the Wii with Silent Hill:Shattered Memories.

Shattered Memories, is going to be a bit of a retelling of the original Silent Hill. It’s the same story, just different. I’ve posted before on some of the changes to the game, and the fact that the game’s aim is to be very psychological, going so far as to issue a warning stating, “This game plays you as much as you play it”, at the very beginning of the game. The Wiimote is going to be used as a flashlight, to pick items up and solve puzzles, as well as use to bring a phone complete with GPS that will also act as the pause menu. One thing the Wiimote will not be used for, or very sparingly at least, is to wield weapons. You see, Shattered Memories is not a shooter, instead this game wants to haunt you and force you to escape it. I’m sure at some point you will have a weapon, but it will not be a constant companion. That is one of the most exciting aspects of the game, and could make this one of the most thrilling games of all time. Add that to the fact that the game starts with a psyche exam of sorts, and is said to learn the player and adapt to what you do, and we could have a winner on our hands come October. Konami and Climax Studios are being ambitious with this title, and I’m sure they can pull it off. For convincing check out the gameplay below taken from the floors of Comic Con, which I’m still not at.

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    Silent Hill has always been a pretty good series up until a release or two ago so hopefully they can get it straightened out with their nintendo wii release