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Resident Evil & Dead Space!!

You know one thing that just burns my butt? That there are numerous conventions that sound completely awesome and showcase amazing games, movies and more, and that I don’t get invited. I mean, I know E3 and Comic Con are open to the public, but it’s not like I’m getting begged to go. I feel like this should be happening by now. Don’t ask me why I feel this way, I just do. That should be good enough for you. What has me really riled up at this very moment is the footage that is coming out of Comic Con. Let me just say that I’m not a comic book guy. I just couldn’t ever get into them. I preferred real books. Not that there’s anything wrong with comics, I just never felt them too much. But, Comic Con definitely serves a purpose, and the more mainstream that industry becomes, the more important the convention in San Diego becomes. Now it’s movies, TV, and of course, videogames. San Diego Comic Con has become one of the most important places for game studios and developers to show off games. That is impressive. I’m pretty sure I should be there.

If you’ve been following the news here at WiiSpin, and I know you all have been and thank you for that, then you know there is a bit of a battle brewing between two franchises. One is a franchise that helped shape the landscape of an entire genre, and kept Milla Jovovich’s career alive. The other is a new franchise that delivered a highly heralded first offering last year and is set to have the same impact on the Wii. I speak of course about Resident Evil and Dead Space.

If you’ve had a game console or a pulse at any point during the past 10-12 years, you should know what Resident Evil is. The survival-horror franchise has a ridiculous amount of sequels, prequels, and several iterations or different takes of the same title. It also gave me nightmares when I first played Resident Evil. Don’t judge me.

If you pay any attention to the gaming universe, and I’m guessing you do unless you really screwed up using Google, then you’ve no doubt heard of Dead Space. At first people thought it would be Resident Evil in space, but they were wrong. Dead wrong. You see what I did there? That’s why they pay me the big bucks. I can’t pretend that I’ve played Dead Space because I haven’t. I do know that I’d like to, and that everyone I know who has played it loves it. Thankfully the game is getting a prequel launching exclusively on the Wii with Dead Space:Extraction.

This is where that battle begins because that games main competition will come directly from Capcom’s juggernaut and their latest title, Resident Evil:The Darkside Chronicles. Both of the games are Wii exclusive. Both of them are on-rails shooters. Both of them are extensions of an already established franchise. Whether it’s one that’s already supremely successful or the one that’s on the brink of success is irrelevant. What is relevant is that both of these games look pretty freaking good. Maybe we can get some sort of Dead Evil or Resident Space mash-up like they do with fighting games, because that would be sweet. I don’t see that happening though so I’ll make do with the latest videos straight from San Diego Comic Con, which I am not at by the way. I know, it’s an injustice, I’ll get over it though. I’ll always have you, and the nearly 10 minutes of gameplay from Resident Evil:The Darkside Chronicles, which is due out sometime early 2010 (am I the only one who can’t believe it’s almost 2010?!?). If that doesn’t do the trick I’m gonna curl up with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and watch the gameplay videos of Dead Space:Extraction, which will be hitting store shelves on September 28. If you’re keeping score the early release date puts DS:E ahead of the game. Sorry RE, I don’t make the rules, I just follow them. Videos are below and you know the drill, enjoy my friends.